GALIL Worth Building?

Discussion in 'AK & SKS Discussion' started by Sooie, Aug 5, 2011.

  1. Sooie

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    hey guys.

    ive really really been wanting a Galil rifle. ive read the good and bad on the Century builds and its hit or miss, looking for an F under the reciever, GLN or GAL, serial range, etc i dont want to spend $5-600 for hit or miss. but if i found a good one i would.

    so then i really get to researching. i can get an american made, solid CNC cut whatever Galil reciever and a real deal IMI parts kit and assemble my own, 100% Galil Rifle that should be the best you can get without hit or miss IMO

    calculated it all up, i can get it done for $1200 or so, and they also make an adapter to allow for AR15 mags. which is great because i have soo many.

    i just wanted a Galil for being a Galil. caliber isnt that big of a deal to me and ive really be eyeing the 545 rifles for some time now.

    what do yall think, what would yall do? would it be worth the $1200 or so put in it just to have a reliable Galil Style rifle? or should i just get a decent AK?
  2. CaseyChadwell

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    Galils are cool little rifles...Seems like a lot of money for one though ($1200). I dont know though, it may be cheap. The thing is you could almost buy three from center fire systems for $1200. If you have the money and want one, by all means go ahead and do it. It would be pretty neat having the adaptor for the AR mags too.