Galco king tuk & Crossbreed alternative

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    My friend let me barrow his crossbreed holster for a week to try out and i must say its a nice very comfortable holster. To the point i was going to order one. For my glocks. I have a 23 which is my edc, i also have a 17... I have a. Galco summer comfort holster for my 23 that does a pretty good job in concealment. And a Desantis speed scabbard which is owb pancake style holster for my 17 when i decide to carry it. My only problem with that one is i live in florida and during the summer months the desantis is kinda bulky exspeacially trying to conceal a full size piece in very little clothing though it can be done if you dress around it with ease. So i went to my local range/shop today and i ran across a Galco king tuk holster there. Im pretty good friends with the owner so while telling him about my deliema, He let me try one on for size. And i must say my first thought was DAMN this holster is comfortable. I had my 23 on me and the fit was nice, real positive retention and the 23 jus dissapeared on me. The great thing about this holster is it can accomidate multiple glock, because im planing on buying the 27 soon ;). The wife is going to kill me hehehehe!!!! As i was saying with this single holster i could carry standard, compact, & sub compact glocks which is a plus. The owner also let me try one of there 17's in this holster and man can this king tuk hide it all.

    I was so impressed with it i bought it and im so glad i did..

    In short if you dnt want that wait for the crossbreed to get made and or shipped, or the funds isn't there at the momment. Get yourself Galco's King Tuk, imho its just as good if not better for the money. Im very happy with my puchase not to say anything is wrong the crossbreed there great but like i said for the money you cant go wrong with the King Tuk either..