Gagging A Remington 11-87 Or 1100 Action

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  1. Freds484

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    I have a Remington 11-87 Premier and a 1100 Classic Field.
    I have used these shotguns for hunting and clay shooting.
    When I shoot at my ranges in New Jersey they could care less about the empty shot shell casing flying out when it ejects,
    I joined a trap range in Pennsylvania with my son in law and they are not crazy about semi autos down there at this range.
    They told me get a over and under. I have two of them and two side x side shotguns but I love my semi autos.
    I shoot with them the best.
    I have seen shell catchers that go on the receiver with tape, my guns the receivers and the stocks you could comb your hair in them.
    I wonder if you could put two large rubber bands around the receiver ahead of the bolt when closed and it would gag the hull from being ejected out of the receiver? Anyone ever heard of that?
    I do not want to scratch or mar those receivers.
    I know it would not work on doubles.
    Any advice, these guns are 20 years old been shot alot and look like new the way they are kept and I want them to stay that way.
  2. JonM

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    shoot 25 rounds pick up 25 hulls. nonissue. clean up after yourself everytime.

    the reason they dont like semi is likely experience with mullet head types leaving hulls behind.

    my wife and i shoot benelli m4 on trap courses and are not concerned with the opinions of others. we use 18.5" barrels optics and i use full choke she uses modified. we leave with the same number of hulls as we fired. we use a pik stick to grab hulls. she shoots i pick up her hulls i shoot she gets mine and we never hold anyone up.

    we get dirty looks from the blue hairs because of our black combat shotguns which amuses us greatly. our purpose in shooting trap and skeet is training and using guns we like.

    there are various catchers that sorta work and none i would recommend. but ive found that if your not a dirtbag by just picking up your empties is way more than enough.

    if they become jackasses about it just say, you buy me a pair of purdy o/u, refund 100% of my membership, or leave me be. long as your not leaving anything but broken clay wads and shot shouldnt be a problem.
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  3. Virginian

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    A (one) rather large flat rubber band around the receiver of the 1100 or the 11-87 will keep it from slinging the empties and hitting others on a trap line. You will have to experiment with location, but if I remember right just about the center of the ejection port will do it. A black rubber band is very unobtrusive.
    Or, you can try removing the O ring as in many instances this will stop the gun from cycling - especially with 11-87s. You can then manually eject the shell.
  4. RKB

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    It seldom has anything to do with picking up empties. Trap shooters are not fond of a SA shooter standing to their left pelting them or their shotgun with ejected empties. A shellcatcher or just a rubber band as suggested ends that problem.
  5. Mercator

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    I use Winchester lite ammo in semi-autos. Pleasant to shoot, won't cycle.

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  6. SRK97

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    I like shooting them, they are very quiet. I would buy or make a shell catcher and if still given grief would take my money elsewhere.
  7. Mercator

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    I quit a club once, because I got enough of being micromanaged. Some clubs have a small core of old members who are clannish, nosy, and paranoid. Woe on you if someone finds your shell case in the dirt next day. I left with the 3d digit pointed up high. Figuratevely speaking :D
  8. quadman1

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    If it's a trap club and that is where they are having an issue with shells it is more than likely because ejected shells can and will hit other shooters causing safety issue rubber band will stop this that's what I did until I got a clip on she'll catcher from recobs target supply
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  10. JoeCor

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    The std. shotgun shell catcher will end this problem. If installed correctly will not harm firearms finish. I've use it all the time on a Rem 1100 trap. It just clips on to the ejection port.
    It is nice since it is easy to grab the fired hull and put it in your shooting vest pocket and in one movement get a live round ready, all this being done keeping your eyes focused downrange.
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  11. tinbucket

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    Any of you shoot trap with an 870?
    Any good at it?
  12. Virginian

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    I have. Works fine. Been done for 67 years now.
  13. bobski

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    the idea is as old as the hills.................

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  14. Hookeye

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    My dad's 1100 Trap had a little wire in an arc, blocking the ejection port partway- thereby snagging empty hull.

    IIRC it was two little holes in the bbl tang.

    Yanked it many moons ago. That thing is a dove puffer (has dumped triples otu a ways too).

    I ran my 1100 mag without a shell catcher, didn't hit anybody with empties at the trap range. Got to be a hassle picking up shells though. Bought the coated metal one that snaps over receiver side. No probs. It's around here someplace............