g30sf had some issues

Discussion in 'Glock Forum' started by mike4guns, Aug 22, 2009.

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    Finally sent it back to glock requesting replacement . I recieved a standard frame 30 as per my request.
    The 30sf had a trigger bar cam knob that had a gouge / scratch in it wright where the slide inner edge contacted it. It never failed to return to battery or fire but many have reported the failures. Guess i was lucky to an extent. The rear rails were also uneven to each other. Left side lower than the right. Problems occur in the best companies. I realize that but how it got past quality control i'll never know. My new 30 runs perfect. Fits great too.
    The gun is amazingly soft in recoil and as accurate as any p220 i ever owned.
    A real bad azz glock. I love how it uses my 21's mags just as my 27 uses my 22's mags. A great system to carry.
    Glocks customer service is top shelf and gets a big A+ imo.
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    Good stuff, I'm glad they made it right. :cool: