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    I wondered if anyone could tell me if they had ever heard of G24T converted to 35 Whelen. The receiver is marked 8.8mm 57 6/30 and barrel is 35 Whelen. I can send pictures if needed. Any help is appreciated.
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    g24t to 35 Wha.

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    "In addition to Germanies well know 98k Mauser they also fielded a variety of other variations on the 98 Mauser design. This included variations of countries Germany occupied during the war. The G24(t) is essentially the Czech VZ24 Mauser design modified to meet German standards. Note the full length hand guard."

    The VZ24 was a large ring Mauser with 7.835 screw spacing and should handle the 35 Whalen with no problem. I have a commercial Mauser in 35 Whalen in a manlicher configuration and it is exceptionally accurate and a real "thumper". In handloading your rifle bullets range typically from 180 Hornedays to 200, 225, and 250 Gr. bullets. There are others but these are the most common. I have used 225's with excellent results.

    In a light rifle the 35 Whalen is not for a recoil sensative person.