G17 trigger pull and reset options

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    I'm looking to get a trigger pull of 3.5 with the shortest reset possible. I dont want to replace the trigger itself or change the appearance of it in any way. I know if I get a new york spring I can have a very short reset but they only make that in a 12 & 8lb spring that I know of. That coupled with a 3.5lb connector still gives me a trigger pull of about 5lbs give or take. Anyone know of any other options??
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    There are a number of options. Just do a search for "adjustable Glock trigger".

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    You can use a 3.5 lb connecter with the 8 lb NY1 trigger spring and you'll have roughly a 5 lb trigger pull, with the pull being spread out consistently over the entire trigger pull, instead of stacked up at the end like normal Glock springs. I'm not sure that the reset is any better with the NY springs, but the parts are cheap so I would just try the different setups and see what you think.

    I thought the 3.5/NY1 combo was interesting, but went back to my stock trigger spring.

    MidwayUSA: Glock NY1 trigger spring

    Glock OEM 3.5 Connector (scroll to bottom)
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