G17 Mag in G19?

Discussion in 'Glock Forum' started by number1, Jun 5, 2007.

  1. number1

    number1 Guest

    Will the G17 mag fit the G19 ? If so is there any extender for the grip that would keep it from looking akward ?

    Will the 33 round Glock mag made for the G18 work with the G19 ?

    I currently have the G17 and love it to death but will soon be carrying so I will be getting the G19. I hope there isnt a huge difference in accuracy between the two.
  2. allmons

    allmons New Member

    Yes, the G 17 mag works in both

    As does the 33 rounder. The17 rounder sticks out a little, the 33 rounder obviously sticks out a lot.

    If you like the G 17, you will LOVE the 19! Just a bit smaller, yet accurate and handy.


  3. BrassMonkey

    BrassMonkey Member Supporter

    You can use G17/18 mags in the G19, and G26. You can use G19 mags in the G26. You can only use G26 mags in the G26. 33 round mags will work for all four models.

    I love my 19. Its the best model in Glocks line up IMHO.