G17 – XDm9 – M&P9: Features/Benefits/Downsides

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    Ok, so I’m trying my best not to write a yet another “which gun should I buy” thread.

    So, my idea here is to list the Features and Benefits associated with these guns, as well as any perceived Downsides. For the most part, I’d like to keep this as factual as possible, but there’s always going to be room for interpretation, especially on whether something is a Benefit or a Downside.

    I am very new to guns, so I’m sure that I’ll leave lots out and get terms incorrect, so any help with this is greatly appreciated. Also, I ultimately plan on shooting all 3 guns and it will likely come down to which one I shoot the best. Or if I shoot them all relatively the same, which one feels the best or somehow speaks to me the most.

    Oh, and I’m not adding any features that they all share (like polymer construction, mounting rails, trigger safeties, etc).

    Glock G17 4th Gen vs. Springfield Armory XDm 9 vs. Smith & Wesson M&P 9:

    G17 – No Thumb or Grip Safeties. Benefit: Nothing to potentially fail or create a false sense of security. Downside: No potential failsafe beyond the brain-trigger finger connection.
    XDm9 – Grip Safety. Benefit: Must grip gun to fire. Downside: Potential point of failure.
    M&P9 – Optional Thumb Safety. Benefit: Best of both worlds have if you want it, omit it if you don’t. Downside: None.

    Barrel Height:
    G17 – Low. Benefit: Reduced upward leverage on recoil. Downside: None.
    XDm9 – High. Benefit: None. Downside: Increased upward leverage on recoil.
    M&P9 – Low. Benefit: Reduced upward leverage on recoil. Downside: None.

    G17 – Requires a Trigger Pull. Benefit: None. Downside: Potential for ND.
    XDm9 – No Trigger Pull Needed. Benefit: Omits a potential source for ND. Downside: None.
    M&P9 – Sear Deactivation Lever. Benefit: Omits a potential source for ND. Downside: You need a “tool” to fiddle with the Sear Deactivation Lever.

    Recoil Spring:
    G17 – Dual. Benefit: Reduces recoil. Downside: Fixes something that wasn’t “broke”.
    XDm9 – Single. Benefit: Tried and true. Downside: None.
    M&P9 – Single. Benefit: Tried and true. Downside: None.

    Stock Capacity:
    G17 – 17+1
    XDm9 – 19+1 More gooder!
    M&P9 – 17+1

    Country of Origin:
    G17 – Made in Austria
    XDm9 – Made in the Croatia
    M&P9 – Made in the USA

    **I'm sure I left out a lot of stuff. I could only find the MSRP for the M&P. I couldn't find the Line of Sight for the XDM9, so I left these out. ***
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    I was in the same boat as you about two months ago, I went with a xdm in .40. Almost a thousand rounds later and I am more than happy with my decision. Zero failures with the pistol, even with a box of steel cased tlua ammo, and its more accurate than I am.

    The xdm is however not made in the usa, its clearly marked made in Croatia on the grip.

    The higher bore axis even with the "snappy" 40 s&w is a non issue with proper grip. Even my girlfriend with her limited pistol knowledge finds it a joy to shoot.

    My votes for the xdm.

    YouTube - ‪Dani shooting new XDm .40‬‏
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    Well expressed. Some other things to consider, trigger pull, sights, customer service.

    The rest will come with hands on use at a range that rents. I'm partial to the M&P more because the pistol is what I expected in a polly frame pistol. Second was it is made by a company that I have purachase many other of this brand that have served me well over the years and contine to do so.
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    Fixed. Surprised by this. I just assumed it was made in the US.

    I assume that these are all subjective and it will be a matter of personal preference once I shoot them all.

    My leader in the clubhouse is the XDm. It felt the best in hand and I consider the grip safety a non-issue, as I naturally depressed it and didn't even notice it. I was expecting it to have some resistance.

    The next best feeling gun is the M&P and the Glock rounds things out.

    I've only shot a 3rd gen G17. I feel like the M&P will shoot identically to the G17 based on how it feels in hand and the fact that it just looks like a Glock clone to me. The higher barrel of the XDm makes me feel like it might shoot differently or I might deal with the recoil differently. I won't know until I get to shoot it along side the others.
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    Not subjective at all, trigger pull and sights are measured easily and documented. Customer service is rated in almost every product you buy.
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    Nice comparison, knfxda. I wish more new people put in a tenth the time you have in research. Looks like you're ready for trigger time now to choose your weapon. All are good candidates so let your hands on testing decide for you.

    I assume you put the same research in choosing 9mm over 40S&W and 45ACP. Again, a good choice for many but it might be wise to try your overall 9mm winner in a larger caliber just to be sure.
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    Line of Site:
    G17 – 6.49” Benefit: Longer Length should produced increased accuracy.
    XD(m) - ??? Does anyone know this?
    M&P – 6.4”

    G17 – "U - Dot?" (Polymer)
    XD(m) – 3-Dot (Steel)
    M&P – 3-Dot (Steel)

    Trigger Pull:
    G17 – 5.5 lbs.
    XD(m) – 5.5 - 7.7lbs. Can anyone tell me why this is a range?
    M&P – 6.5 lbs.

    Barrel Length:
    G17 – 4.49”
    XD(m) - 4.5” Benefit: Increased muzzle velocity.
    M&P – 4.25”

    G-17 – 22 oz. No Mag. Benefit: Lighter weight is easier to carry.
    XD(m) - 32 oz. w/Mag. Benefit: Heavier weight should mean less kick.
    M&P – 24 oz. No Mag.

    Oh, and does anyone know the MSRPs for these pistols? I only know the M&P: $569
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    I have the same difficulty when it comes to choosing a firearm. To my wife's dismay I usually end up with all of them eventually. Like the time that I couldn't decide between the M&P 9mm and .40. I purchased the 9mm new and then a month later I found a used .40 for $350. It was calling my name like a lost dog it just followed me home.