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    Without money being an object, what gun/ammo/holster would you recommend for CCW? This will be my first, and maybe even last gun I ever buy depending how much much I love the one I end up with. Any and all suggestions would be great!
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    First, welcome to the forum. When you get a chance, stop by the intro section and say howdy. Good folks around here.

    This is an oft asked question, and we would really need to know more about you to give you an answer that is meaningful. Your size physically, strength, experience with firearms, what you usually wear, etc etc ad infinitum.

    However, we are usually good at giving meaningless answers as well. My default suggestion is a S&W Mdl 60. It is a double action revolver- simplicity of operation under duress. It is a .357- enough power to make a GOOD defensive round- but you can practice with lower cost. lower recoil .38 Special. Reasonably compact- there are smaller guns, but sometimes not well adapted to a hasty grip. Stainless steel- low maintenance.

    Holster? A strong side waist holster. Go to any of the major holster makers, see what they have. Uncle Mikes, Don Hume, Tom Threepersons, Bianci, etc etc. Your choice of leather, nylon, or synthetic solids. Holster should (a) RETAIN the gun until you need it, (B) RELEASE it when you need it.

    Usual advice is to visit a firing range that rents guns, and try as many as you can, but that is too easy.

    Your question is sort of like "What is the best truck?", which leaves fans of the Dodge Ram fighting with F-150 lovers, with Chevy drivers kicking them both in the ribs. There are fans of the various .380s, 9mms, 45s, .38s, etc etc- but for a first, and maybe only gun, you could do a lot worse than a Model 60.

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    I don't know what to tell you other than this first gun won't be your last gun. :D
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    and maybe even last gun I ever buy
    Right. Sure. OK. I believe that. :rolleyes:

    Soon, you'll start asking co-workers "Got anything to sell, man?".

    Maybe you'll try to deny the feeling, but one day you might find yourself cruising the back streets looking for a small gun shop, or maybe a dirty pawn shop.

    One day you might be reading classifieds looking for a used washer/dryer combo and think, "I'll just check the sporting goods column. You never know what you'll find.?".

    Then before you know it, You will see an ad in a local Pennysaver. "Gun Show. Shriners Hall" You'll think, "It's only $8.00 to get in. What could it hurt to go look? Besides, I might find a deal.".

    Yes my friend, go ahead. Take that first step. You can control it. You aren't like the rest of them. You can control it.

    Welcome. Remember. The advice here is always free. ;)
    Come back anytime. (And you will.) :D
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    I dont think there is such a thing as a do it all one handgun solution. I have 4 main guns that i rely on. Colt series 70 colt new agent bersa thunder 380 bersa thunder 380 plus.

    November is when our wisconsin ccw takes effect. Currently we only have opencarry and the colt series 70 is my best option when size doesnt matter. My preference come november will be the new agent for times when going amongst sheeple without upsetting them or drawing attention to myself is needed.

    When i reeeeeeally want to be discrete but be able to have a hand on the gun in the pocket ready to go the bersas fit the bill nicely.
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    My standard answer for new gun owners is the Glock 19 or Smith & Wesson 65. That said, here are some other options to consider if concealed carry is your primary purpose:

    Kahr PM9
    Walther PPS
    Smith Model 642

    Some other thoughts on this topic:

    No Catchy Title Blog: Selecting your first handgun for self defense.

    Some videos:

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pj8z5lq9XHg"]Nutnfancy Youtube gun review: Walther PPS[/ame]

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HHqkQ3CP1HM"]Nutnfancy gun review: Kahr PM9[/ame]"]
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