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    While watching a rerun of NCIS, Zeva (Cote de Pablo) asked Gibbs (Mark Harmon) what Ducky (Dr. Mallard played by David McCallum) looked like when he was younger. Gibbs' reply? Illya Kuryakin. I nearly fell off the couch laughing my *** off. For those of you younger members that don't remember late 60s television, the program Man From U.N.C.L.E. starred Robert Vaughn (Napoleon Solo) and David McCallum (Illya Kuryakin) as agents.

    On Stargate SG-1, Major Carter (Amanda Tapping) was jerry-rigging a DHD (Dial Home Device) so they could get out of a "situation." When Colonel O'Neill came up and asked what was going on, Major Carter told him they had MacGyvered (referring to Richard Anderson's previous series years before, MacGyver) something up to get the DHD operational. Don't know if that was in the script or whether Tapping ad libbed it, but again, I laughed my *** off.
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    We're dating ourselves by knowing these tidbits of information. BTW, Stargate was always one of my favorite shows. A tidbit of trivia, Robert Vaughn went to the same high school I did, North High in Minneapolis. My class (72) was the last to graduate before they opened the new building...

    North Community High School - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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    September 22, 1964, to January 15, 1968

    [ame=]YouTube - The Man From Uncle opening titles[/ame]


    United Network Command for Law and Enforcement

    ...and the "enemy" agents were from THRUSH

    Why I remembered that I have no idea.....
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    Nerd confession. Last Christmas the Lovely Mrs Freefall got me the entire Man From UNCLE series on dvd. She got the economy version, not the high$ one that comes in a silver UNCLE briefcase. It's captures of re-runs from various low-rent TV networks. Still fun to watch tho...
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    And THRUSH?

    Technological Hierarchy for the Removal of Undesireables and the Subjugation of Humanity