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Discussion in 'General Handgun Discussion' started by levelcross, Jun 20, 2011.

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    Ok, I just had a real good laugh at the gun shop today, I took my 24 year old daughter with me and we were looking at several guns that are on my wish list. A nice fellow comes in and is looking at a derringer beside of us and she starts laughing and says so if your guns go Bang, do you think that one will go Tink. Not realizing that the poor guy could hear her. He got a really embarrassed look on his face and walked out. I told her it was not nice to say stuff like that out loud as I was laughing. The gun store owner was laughing too.

    So if you have a funny story lets hear it, this world needs more clean comedy in it anyway.

    Also if you were the guy looking at the derringer I do apologize, but it was funny at the time.
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    Took one of my friends from work shooting for the first time, never shot anything bigger then a bb gun. We had my PT109 slim, my 44 mag, my 22 LR, my .357 mag, and my 30-30. I walked him through the small stuff he got comfortable shooting my 357 with one hand, thought he was badass. So he picks up m 44 mag one hand (before this moment he had never fired one after this I had to explain to him just because it was only a two digits in the title of the gun doesn't mean it's weaker then a 357) he picked it up one handed fired off a shot the front sight cracks him right in the head, I was laughing so hard I couldn't breath.

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    Not sure how he did it, but shooter had a Browning Hi-Power, and the takedown pin had been left out. Walked to the line, inserted magazine, hit slide release, and slide went about 15 ft downrange. WHOOPS!:eek:
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    Wait a minute... the slide release IS the takedown pin, just like a 1911, right?:confused: