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Discussion in 'General Rifle Discussion' started by powg, May 11, 2011.

  1. powg

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    Just bought my kids ....girl 12 ...boy 5 their first lil bb gun share and more or less start firearms training ,disipline .The daisey buck 19.00 and change and a 6000 rnd bb can . It has been years since I have shot a bb gun ...I had a blast, the lil thing is accurate as hell, spent a few hours sniping spent shotgun shells and cans . Cant wait til the kids are out of school ! Im gonna buy another one and put a laser on it .
  2. BlindOldMan

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    They are a heckuva lot of fun.. As a kid I used to shoot at the cockroaches and palmetto bugs that would scurry along the back wall of my friend's stables. Fun times..

  3. freefall

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    My friend Curtis and I used to shoot bumble bees.
  4. Sniper03

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    God bless you man! I think that is great. And a great tool to teach a kid weapon safety. And also shooting skills prior to graduation to the real weapons. I remember mom and dad bought me a Daisy Red Rider Lever Action BB Gun when I was 6 yoa. And I too learned safe gun handling and techniques before graduating to the 22 rifle and 20 ga shotgun. I think what you have done is absolutely great! You obviously are a good father and also want your children to enjoy the great sport.
    My Grand Dad always use to say! You show me a young person who likes to shoot, hunt and fish and I will show you a young person that will most likely never get into ant trouble!:)

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    My parents would never let me have a BB gun (Too Dangerous) But they bought me a 22, go figure. I bought my 3 step sons comemorative Daisys when they and their mother moved in with me. A lot of quality hours of bonding. I have around 10 BB or Pellet rifles now at the age of 63. I live in a suburban neighborhood where neighbors are close so shooting anything else is taboo. Rabit, squirrel and chipmunks fear me and my Crossman Phantom. Tree huggers hate me.