fun day at the rifle range!

Discussion in 'Range Report' started by partdeux, Jun 15, 2013.

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    nothing outrageous, 100 yards max. Discovered my limit to see the target with iron sights on the AR is limited to 100 yards... damn it's tough getting old!

    Got the windage perfect, elevation require a tool I didn't have, was shooting high at both 50 and 100, aiming low, got several acceptable hits. Guess a scope is on the wish list :)

    Shot my hosts 12g at 100 yds, damn that was accurate! Slug was about 1" low, 3" right... not bad for the first time picking up the shotgun.

    Best part of the whole trip, rifles were all put away, cleaning up and two dear walk across the range at about 125 yds... hypothetical, think the DNR would accept an AD explanation? LOL.

    My host however was trying out some new loads in his long range rifle. I don't think I could hit that accurately at 10' :)