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    It seems that I have come full circle. Although I learned to shoot handguns in the military, and later served with the Navy Small Arms Training Unit, all of that was with the 1911a1. Beginning my career as a cop in 1971, the department didn't issue firearms, and I was told to get "a .38 or something." That very day I purchased from the local gun store, a brand new S&W Model 10, .38 spl, with 4" bull barrel, for about a hundred bucks. (Wish I still had it.) In those days, the duty ammo for .38's was Remington 147 gr lead round nose.

    Shortly after starting the academy, I was convinced what I really needed was a .357 magnum. I sold the .38 and picked up a new S&W Model 19, 4" .357 mag, Combat Masterpiece. (I still have that one.) Ammo du jour was at the time Remington semi-jacketed HP, with the "new" scalloped jacket design. After a few years, SuperVel became all the rage in copland, which was the genesis of what would become serious ammo.

    I carried the Mod. 19 through about half of my career, until sometime in the mid 80's when we were allowed to carry semi-autos. I ran out and bought a first generation S&W Mod 59, 9mm "Wonder Nine." In 1994, following the trend encouraged by the experts and the FBI, I sold the Model 59, and began carrying a S&W 4006, in .40 S&W. Awesome gun, I still have that one too. Reaching the exalted position of major crime detective in about 1996, I carried a Glock 27 for conceal-ability purposes, until my retirement in 2001. Over the years carry ammo changed with the times ultimately ending up with Winchester Silvertips, or the dreaded, politically incorrect Black Talon. :eek:

    Since retirement, my personal firearm arsenal has expanded and I have a good collection of pistols and revolvers, most of service or defensive caliber and design (.357, .40 & .45) plus a couple of .22's. About 5 years ago or so, my son gave me for a birthday present, a S&W 642, 2" .38 +P, "Airweight" revolver. It sat in my safe for a while, until I began work as a private contractor providing executive protection services to high profile elected officials in my area. What the heck, I found a pocket holster and began carrying the .38 as a backup to my .40. I quit that gig after 7 years, and entered the realm of respectable obscurity.

    Now we're coming to the full circle bit. After a lifetime of carry, I am not about to parade around unarmed, so I still carry and qualify annually for HR218 / LEOSA. As I approach 68 years of life, I find that my bones and joints are no longer supple as they once were. More and more often I find myself carrying the .38 airweight, more often than one of my semi-auto blasters. It's the weight. I stoke it with Hornady Critical Duty +P rounds, which seem to live up to the manufacturers claims, and with such I do not feel in any way under gunned. I always have at least one, and often two speed loaders wth me and still prepared for whatever may come my way. Started out with a ".38 or something," and now carrying more often than not, a .38 revolver. Circle complete.

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    Excellent choice, wish I still had mine. It's not the caliber that bothers me at 70, but the weight of the gun and all those darn bullets. I carried a Browning Hi-Power most of my life. But have changed to a compact 45 with 8 +1 for comforts sake. And yes I do carry an extra mag with. (LOL)