Full Auto Firearms Post 1986

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    Hi all,
    I'm new to this forum but have done some research in preparation of purchasing the firearm I want. I apologize if this isn't in the correct section. So what I want is to purchase a custom AR that is fully automatic. In my research I've found that only LEO or military can do a form 4 for current weapon platforms. I also plan on going the trust route. So here is my question:

    Does my wife, who is inactive reserve in the air force, qualify as military? Followup: My brother who is currently a California High Way Patrol Officer would qualify, but he is in California and I'm in Texas. Could he buy the firearm and sale it to me in Texas using atf forms for bill of sale?

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    Welcome to the FTF. We have an "Introductions" area where you can tell us about yourself.

    In answer to your question: Seeking advice from a forum on legal issues may not be in your best interest. We tried, but failed the BAR exam. Who has control of the Form 4? BATF. Where should you seek advice? BATF.
    Who should you ask about the "straw purchase" of your brother to you? BATF.

    And I was not aware that the BATF forms could be used as bills of sale.

  3. JonM

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    military sale means either a state guards unit national guards unit or the US government.

    LEO sale means the chief of that police force buying it for use in the department.

    an individual police officer or military service member may not purchase a NFA weapon made after 1986. being a police officer or military service member is a positive defense when carrying such a weapon in the course of their duty.

    consult an actual lawyer familiar with NFA rules.
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    In a word...No. No individual qualifies under the terms you outlined. You're only recourse is to purchase the requisite permits and pay the market price for a "grandfathered" pre-86 rifle. Be sure to verify that your State and Local laws also permit owning a Class III rifle. Best bet is to consult a local dealer or lawyer as the advice here is worth what you paid for it.
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    I will not weigh in on this subject, because I am not a lawyer and what I tell you could land you in jail for a very long time.
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    I have found a class 3 NFA Lawyer and have a call into him now. Thanks for the info and replies
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    JonM is correct. The term "Military" refers to the organization, not the individuals with in the organization. The term "LE" likewise is the agency, not the officer.

    Even if it did, what you describe is for sure a straw purchase and will end with you and your relatives occupying a place in the pound me in the azz Federal Prison for about 15 years.
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    Best bet is to find a local to you NFA dealer, tell him what you want, give him all your money, wait til you are nearly dead, thenhe will bring you a full auto ar to shoot.
    Best of luck, get about $12-17K ready, prepare to wait 3-13months, and I hope you have a clean record.
    Seriously, if you qualify to buy a regular gun, you can qualify to buy a full auto...then you need a second job to pay for the ammo.