Full auto 1022

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    I see people on YouTube all the time with full automatic ruger 1022
    Upon searching this on the Internet there is plenty of conversions available some current production full auto 1022'shttp://www.selectfirellc.com/
    I'd like To have a fully automatic firearm and already have a 1022 I live in Arizona if anybody with knowledge on the Laws on owning a fully automatic firearm In Arizona could help that would be nice
  2. c3shooter

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    Good news/ Bad news.

    Good news- Arizona does not restrict NFA (National Firearms Act) guns, so long as they are properly registered with the Federal BATFE.

    Bad news- No fully automatic firearm- in ANY state- that was made after May 1986 can be transferred to a private citizen. Ones made and registered after that date can only be transferred to a machine gun dealer, or to a govt agency.

    Assuming you can find one that was already registered, you apply to the BATFE for transfer. Application, prints, photo, approval by local Chief LEO, and a $200 tax payment. Wait several months. Rifle will cost you several thousand dollars.

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    They run in the $10K range and are subject to the same restrictions and laws as any other machine gun. So if it was not registered as a machine gun in 1986 you cannot legally convert it to full auto.
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    I think you are probably referring to the videos of a 10/22 with a slide/bump fire mechanism installed. Those are different than a manufactured fully automatic firearm.