FTFers, Can we do something as a forum to make a difference?

Discussion in 'Legal and Activism' started by WebleyFosbery38, Jun 22, 2014.

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    FTFers, I was just thinking about our sizable group here and wondering if we can put together a campaign of our own to those that would seek to remove our Natural Rights to Keep and Bear Arms in any way. Maybe have an online petition we could sign that states common 2a Rights as beyond their approach and any Official Elected or Appointed that attempts to subvert or remove pieces or all of our 2A rights will be shunned at the polls and requested to resign if appointed.

    It does seem like we could speak more loudly as a group than as single voices in the fog of Libturds wailing and moaning. Not sure how to do it or how it would work but it just seems crazy to waste a perfectly good hoard of Gunloving Americans (Sorry foreigners, I doubt they would care much for your input even if we do).

    I think it should be a message sent to any and all that seek to limit our Constitutionally Protected Right to express all (or none if we choose) of our BOR's as they are written not as they are interpreted. This may not be possible but we could toss around some ideas here and see if they stick. I would love to send something to Bloomie, Andy, Hillary and BHO that had the power of many not just my lone voice attached to it (as usual).

    Anyone got any Ideas here????
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    WTF38 - I'm with you on using our collective voices to support ALL of our Constitutionally guaranteed rights. As I stated in an earlier thread, I think we will be much more effective if we align ourselves with support of our Bill of Rights, as opposed to a single constitutional amendment. Single issues tend to be divisive, whereas our collective rights are more likely to be supported by the masses.

    Something for notdku to consider may be the addition of a sister site that focuses on open(minded) discussion of the U. S. Constitution and our rights and responsibilities as U.S. citizens.

    Something to think about.

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    I have been noodling over several ideas for a long time. Unfortunately with all of the personal turmoil in my life right now I have no time to move forward, so they are still just ideas.

    Some of my conclusions I have arrived at (or the ones I can recall):

    Divisiveness among our allies is our enemy. One glaring example is the open carry debate and more specifically open carry of long guns into places such as a restaurant. I am a strong supporter of open carry, but when it is used in a way that makes gun owners as a whole look like a bunch of extremist, paranoid nut jobs. We need to slow that roll. Go ahead and open carry if its legal where you live. But carry a sidearm in a holster and be at least somewhat discrete.

    We need to present a united front in any way that we can. This means that we must not give up any ground as a "lost cause". There are no lost causes in our fight for our Constitutional Rights. You may never visit New York, California, Connecticut or any other highly restrictive state, but dammit those of us who live here need your help! We are arguably fighting harder than those of you in permissive states are. We are at Ground Zero in this fight. Giving up on our state(s) is tantamount to giving up on your own. Plus, nobody likes a gloating prick.

    Cooperate and coordinate with other 2A movements in your area. Just because you might have some differences of opinion doesn't mean we should't cooperate.

    I would like to come up with some face masks that would show some consistency across the country and then make them available to anybody who needs or wants one at my cost (accepting donations above and beyond that to develop more designs and/or provide them at no cost to people and groups who can't afford them. The two designs I am thinking of are of the Spartan helmet and the 3% Skull. Screen them onto one of those "morph" head covers and viola!
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    I have an account at petitions.whitehouse.gov
    You can create a petition, but they won't make it public until you have gained a minimum amount of signatures on your own. Only people who create an account can be signatories. I submitted a petition one time and didn't get enough signatures. They still sent me a form letter that had nothing to do with my grievance.

    No offense and none taken
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    Anybody here remember the GOFFA?

    Apparently we CAN'T do anything...