FTF Mini Meet, Sacramento

Discussion in 'The Club House' started by CA357, Aug 1, 2010.

  1. CA357

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    Today, the Daggle, mrm14 and myself met up at the range for some rifle and handgun shooting. The Daggle brought his AR that he built and his P226 .40 S&W. mrm14 brought his Remington .300 Win Mag and a sweet M1A as well as his Model 629. I brought my Eddystone, my Mini 14, my 10/22 with the StalkingBear trigger job, my GP100 and my Sistema 1911.

    The trigger on mrm14's Remington gives new meaning to light. 1.3lbs. light. Breathe on it and it fires. It's just beautiful to shoot and he has a serious piece of glass on it, but the name escapes me right now. mrm14 is a thousand yard shootin' kind of guy. :cool:

    Daggle's AR is quite a nice rifle and that's saying something as I'm not an AR guy.

    The scope on my 10/22 kept coming loose and it's will get a dose of Locktite after it's cleaned. My Eddystone just plugged along. My Mini never even made it out of the case, we were so busy enjoying ourselves.

    After we all tried out the different rifles, we headed to the pistol range.

    mrm14's 629 was sweet to shoot and a touch of nostalgia for me. I really miss mine.
    The Daggle has his Sig dialed and is a pretty good handgunner. We all shot my 1911 a bit and my GP100 a little too.

    I have to tighten my trigger up a bit there's too much take up since it was refinished an reassembled. Nothing a minute with an Allen wrench won't fix.

    At that point, it was well into the afternoon, so we headed into Rancho Murietta for some Mexican food. After a nice meal, we headed out and hope to have another get together next month.

    So, if you are remotely close, PM me and we'll figure something out.

    Since pics are necessary or it didn't happen, I present you the Sacramento FTF Mini Meet attendees. From left to right: mrm14, The Daggle, CA357

  2. Benning Boy

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    You DO look like Carson....

  3. Dillinger

    Dillinger New Member

    The Daggle looks like he is quite tall. :confused:

    Excellent news. I am loving hearing about these small get togethers. This is really great news for the forum.

    Thanks for the pics and write up CA.

  4. dunerunner

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    There's a group!! What are you guys doing in September?
  5. CA357

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    I don't know if The Daggle will be up, but mrm14 and I both belong to the range and shoot there frequently. I think he's busy the first and third weekends with matches and/or classes. But it's really just getting together for some shooting and probably some lunch. Just fun.
  6. mrm14

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    Great Day at the range with CA357 and The Daggle. CA357's 1917 Eddystone and the Dagles AR are sweet. Stalkingbears trigger job on CA357's 10/22 is awsome. Was the first time I've had the 629 "Hog Leg" out since 2002.

    Again; All in all a great day.
  7. doctherock

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    Sounds like you boys had some fun. weather here hasn't been the best for shooting. Too bad because I have 200 rounds for the mini, 300 for the XD 40 and 700 for the Walther P22 and they are screaming my name.
  8. TheDaggle

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    Just got back on after being virtually web-less while up there.
    Tons of fun! Grateful for the opportunity to shoot some fun guns and meet a couple of great guys!
    It was my first time at a real range, so I spent a considerable portion of my time getting chastised by the range staff over the intercom :eek: ( *-behind the yellow line, please...-* ), but CA and mrm14 were patient with me :p
    mrm14's 300 win. mag was one helluva piece of engineering, the first time he shot it I was 15 feet away with my back turned and I felt the breeze on my neck and legs from the beast! CA's Sistema has reinforced my desire to make a 1911 my next buy :eek:. It was great to meet some fellow FTFers, I think I'd like to make a habit of this... :D
  9. CA357

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    C'mon back up. :cool: