FTF First Look: Fluid Film

Discussion in 'The Club House' started by cpttango30, Oct 16, 2010.

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    So in another thread we were talking about cleaning and lubing guns a nonsupporting member made a great post about Fluid Film.

    I posted that I am a big skeptic of be all wonder CLP Products. I didn't like Breakfree in the Army and have never used the stuff out side of the military.

    Dano50 (Vendor for Fluid Film) and supporting member here offered up some free samples. I got it about a week ago and have been putting off trying it out.

    Well tonight I got bored and decided the 308 needed a good winter cleaning. So Hey best time to try it out. So I dig out the 308 from the back of the back of the safe and get the cleaning box out (AFTER the wife went to bed of course) I tear the bolt down and clean all the grease off and then I spray it down with fluid film. (NOTE: For a better married life use product out side of the house) Fluid film is an aerosol product and that is about the biggest drawback. I am sure for the other industries it works great but for cleaning guns (At the dinning room table) it does not work so well. If it were offered in a non-aerosol form it would be GREAT. Now the Pluses of the product. Man does it penatrate you can see it bubbling as it works down in to small cracks, the smell is very odd not bad not pungent just odd. I think my wife will prefer the smell of fluid film over Hoppes #9 and Hoppes Copper solvent.

    So I cleaned the old grease off the bolt and firing pin then take the firing pin out side and spray it down. Another nice thing is if you have cracked skin it doesn't sting. Plus I had painted the curb today and it took the dried paint off my fingers like water off a ducks back. So I put the bolt back together and give her a shot and wipe it around and you can see it cleaning the dirt off. I take a clean rag and wipe the excess off and then put the bolt back in. It does a good job of lubing the lugs in the raceway and may be slightly better than my Wilson Moly grease in this application.

    So far I like the product and plan to order some for my dad as a Christmas present.

    The real test is when the neos gets back from the shop. I plan to clean it good and then lube with nothing but fluid film and shoot till it stops or I run out of ammo. Then we will see how it does.

    So far I give this product 4 out or 4 FTF crossed rifles.
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    Great write up Tango. *thumbs up*

    Thanks to Dano50 for providing the sample and the FTF deal.


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    I just want to add that I will also be testing this product on some of my lawn equipment that is getting read to be stored for the winter. Sonds like a good time to use this for what it looks to be designed form More to come later.
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    Thanks for the feedback! You will be impressed with Fluid Film for storage of equipment. :D

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    I want more.....