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Discussion in 'The Club House' started by zhuk, Jan 27, 2010.

  1. zhuk

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    Of course everyone here already knows what sort of honourable, stand-up people make up this firearms-appreciating lil community; always ready to offer advice and a helping hand. But the extent of such has been proven to me in no uncertain terms...

    Completely out of the blue and unasked, CA saw my pitiful rifle-slingnessness and offered to send me one - refusing any kind of payment what's more!

    Have to admit I was kinda stunned by this awesome generousity...which really shows the calibre (uh, no pun intended :p) of members here. What can I say?

    You're a champ and a true gentleman, Don! :D


    the sling in question...ready for the inaugural outing next Sunday :)
  2. user4

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    I can attest to the kindness and generosity of the FTF gang. So far I've received 5 paypal transfers from members who contacted JD in the FTF/ Adopt A Family Thread in an effort to bless us and the family we are taking in.

    One in a million people here!

  3. CA357

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    My pleasure Zhuk.

    Ineff, I sent you a PM.