Georgia FS/FT: Custom 1911 9MM Desert Finish Package

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    Full Package Price: $600.00

    Pistol + 1 Magazine: $500.00

    Trade Options:

    - Magpul FDE Furniture
    - Magpul Black Furnature
    - Carbine Length Free Float Rails
    - Metal MBUS Set

    Willing to ship, but you will need to add an additional $35.00 on top of the selling price.


    Like New - Less than 100 rounds fired through it:

    Started off life as a Rock Island Tactical model.

    I then shaved the huge roll mark off the side of the slide and refinished it in "Desert Warrior" DuraCoat. I've also installed custom CC3 grips (which adds the rail) and those have been DuraCoated to match.

    Package Includes:

    - (1) Factory Magazine (9+1)
    - (5) Additional Magazines (9+1)
    - CC3 Grips & Original Wood Grips
    - Factory Case

    Q: How much thicker are those grips?
    A. They are only a few MM wider than the factory wooden grips.

    Q: What kind of sights are on there?
    A. Factory sights. I duracoated the rear sight to try something new. The front sight is black. I find the contrast of the front sight with the tan rear sight is actually quite nice.

    Q: What color is that?
    A: It is called "Tactical Desert Warrior". It is a flat (no shine) line of colors from duracoat.




    The color next to a set of receivers I refinished in Magpul FDE:

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    I had to comment, since that is a wild-looking piece of artillery. It looks like you have done an excellent job on it; and if I had the money, I would seriously consider it.