Frustrating day at the range

Discussion in 'Range Report' started by Greg_r, Jan 7, 2018.

  1. Greg_r

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    Took the AR pistol to the range yesterday. It had a new BCG installed. Exercise in frustration. Bolt override malfunctions. The bolt works as it's supposed to. It is one of the newer bolts that has the 4 coil spring and the doughnut on the extractor. I replaced the bolt with an older bolt I had on hand and it works fine. I have replaced the 4 coil and doughnut extractor spring with a BCM 5 coil extractor spring. Will see if it works today after the temps climb to at least the double digits.
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    I just walked in the house from a range trip that was exceedingly frustrating for my dear brother. He was attempting to shoot his "new" , Winchester Garand Sniper rifle that he slept in the parking lot of the CMP in Anniston, last week, in freezing weather, to acquire. He couldn't get the clips to load, then couldn't get the firing pin to strike the singly loaded cartridges. His new $2500.00 toy wouldn't work, and he had to shoot my "new" $200.00 Czeh 98/22, which, by the way functioned and shot and grouped flawlessly.

    His Garand is a fabulous piece, and he will get the issues worked out, but he was heart-broken.
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    I certainly can understand that frustration. I am sure he will get it worked out but what a heart breaker at the time after all his persistence to get it. He might want to contact them at CMP. But I guess first he needs to disassemble the Bolt and see if it is gummed up with cosmoline or has debris stuck in it. But have him go to the following. There is a real good troubleshooting guide for the Garand.
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    The BCM spring fixed my problem.
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    There probably isn't a Garand owner out there who doesn't sympathize. IME, generally,
    30.06 doesn't semi well, and will either be a rough break-in, or at some point, a break down. The payoff is great, once the rifle starts to cycle and shoot accurately, but
    it usually comes with a price. Had half a dozen problems with a brand new Noreen,
    a few months back, if that makes your brother feel any better. Mostly minor stuff that
    test firing at the factory would have probably de-bugged. But that also caused a few
    very annoying trips to the range.