Froze my butt off today at the range

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    Well you Northern guy's & gal's might not mind cold weather,we Texan's are use to the warm stuff and it has turned off pretty cold the last few days.Damn it even snowed-yeah that white stuff-on Wednesday here!

    I took my Remington 1903A3 30/06 sporter that I refinished awhile back,my Savage 110FLP 300WM with my new Swarovski scope on it,my Rock River 20" Varmiter AR15 223 with a Mueller Eraticator scope that came off the Savage. I also took my Springfield 1911A1 45acp pistol that I recently had some work done to it.


    The temp was around 34* with a little breeze at the range. I wasn't the only one at the range,there were about a dozen guys shooting on all the ranges there. I found me a spot on the 50 yrd range so I could sight in the scopes,since all the guns have different scopes on them now. After they were dialed in close enough I moved to the 100 yrd range.
    I ran off from the house and left all my handloads on the reloading bench for my 30/06 and 300WM so all I had was some Winchester Super X,165gr-30/06 and 180gr-300WM. Not the most accurate ammo,but good enough for hunting.


    First up was the 30/06,and I must say I love this gun now that it has a muzzle brake.It used to be a 3-5 shot range gun,but now it doesn't have much recoil. The top left and center target are the 30/06.The shot off the top left target is the first shot,I adjusted the scope and the rest were on target.
    Next was the Savage 300WM-Top right target. I only had 10rds of ammo since I forgot my handloads and I used 4rds sighting in the scope at 50yrds. Once again the first shot high/right,adjusted scope and all on target,just not a tight group like this gun shoots with handloads.
    By the time I got around to shooting the AR15 I was cold as a Ice cube and not shooting that great. I hand some 55gr Hornady Vmax handloads and as usual the first shot was high/right.Adjusted the scope and fired away. The center/right target,and bottom/left target were the best,but I usually do much better. What the hell,I still had fun!

    Last but not least,the 1911A1 Springfield 45acp. It took me a few shots to get the new sights dialed in,but when I did-this baby will shoot. It still doesn't like to feed 230gr rd nose ammo,but I'll just have to keep working on it.It feeds Semi Wad Cutters just fine though.


    All in all it was a good day at the range!!
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    34 degree's here in PA today as well. Quite nice for this time of year, sweatshirt weather:p

    Nice shooting and nice report. Throw another log on the fire and stay warm TX:D

  3. CA357

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    Nice shooting, especially under the circumstances. :cool:
  4. Viking

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    Global warming causes snow in Houston, TX. Gun range shooter gets finger frozen to trigger. lol Well it's always good to practice shooting under bad conditions as well as good. Looks like you did great considering the cold. It gets cold here and go out shooting occassionally but I'm never really ready for this cold as I happen to like heat, I always feel better when it's in the 90's. I just don't care too much for the humidity that you get down there with the high temps. My wife and I ran a Conoco station in Pampa, TX for less than a year and have been happy to be living here in Oregon since 1981.
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    SGT-MILLER New Member

    Good range report. Nice shooting.
  6. spittinfire

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    Some nice shooting. They're calling for snow here tonight. I'll believe it when I see it.

    IGETEVEN New Member

    Great shooting results with your arsenal Tx and a great range report. :)

    Based on them .45 shots and the dimensions of that target, you still hit BG meat, as you worked your way inward. He's burnt toast Sir! ;)

  8. Walley

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    Nice groupings and range repot.

    Up here in Gods Country 34 is a warm day for December. Hell yesterday it only got up to 9 and we went out pheasant hunting. Three bird limit after the 1st of the month and both of us filled out. Everyone I know around here is anxious for the real cold weather to set so they can go out ice fishing. Looks to me that you southern boys don’t know what a good time is.
  9. Txhillbilly

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    Gods Country? I thought that Minnesota was Paul Bunyan & Babe the Blue Ox country! LOL.
    I know all about the winters you have up there in the great white north Walley. I have ice fished on a couple lakes there and on the red river.I have a bunch of Norwegian relatives in the Fargo,ND area,and spent alot of time up there back in the 1970's,helping out with the harvesting on their farms.

    Glad to here you got some birds,and thanks for everyones commits.