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Discussion in 'Training & Safety' started by jammer, Jan 5, 2013.

  1. jammer

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    I was visiting several sites on concealed carry and ran across a ccw quiz from Front Sight(Dr. Ignatius Piazza) and started taking the quiz. When I got through, it wanted my name and email b4 giving me my score. I just wondered if anyone had taken any of their classes, how much it costs, and if it was worth it? (Is this quiz just a scam to get my email address?)
  2. MCarter788

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    Idk about the quiz and stuff but I have been to Front Sight for a 5 day defensive handgun course and I was very pleased. They really taught me a lot. I think I paid just over a grand, but I also got a Springfield XD 9mm and a bunch of other accessories like a belt, hat, shirt and etc. Plus on the 5th day I got my concealed license for the state of Utah. Overall a good experience!

  3. Blueguns

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    He sends me emails almost daily. I hope you didnt give him the email.
  4. Balota

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    No worse than the NRA deluge of e-mails. I mostly just delete them. Some of the articles and videos are kind of interesting.

    Some day after I'm through with my mortgage (for the second time, grrr... dont get me started...) I may take a weeks vacation and go there for some training.

    (By the way, love the tan line!!)
  5. John_Deer

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    In this area we have so many super qualified people offering training. The local sheriffs dept. will come evaluate your home for free and you can ask who would offer the best training for your needs and physical capabilities. Front sight might be your best option or there might be a local option that is a lot better that you can take a few hours at the time. Your local police dept would know. Our sheriffs dept has bunches of training operations that want to come there for free to get their foot in the door or get a referral from the sheriffs dept.
  6. Polygon

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    You can buy a membership which gives you access to any course. You just have to pay for ammunition. It's a great deal since they have all sorts of classes, including a full auto. Everyone that has trained there has nothing but good to say about it. I have some diamond memberships that I'm selling for a good price. If you're interested send me a PM.

    And yes, he sends A LOT of e-mails. I just delete them too.
  7. russ

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    I'm also a lifetime member and can't say enough good things about the training and the people. Both are top notch. And the improvement in my own ability and my confidence level after going there has been remarkable.

    Whatever you do, don't pay the $1K or more listed on the website for a single class. Find someone who is a lifetime member and just buy a membership. It's cheaper than attending one class (less than half, unless someone is gouging you) and it gets you some pretty good discounts at the pro shop.

    And the email flood is a reality. But you can always remove yourself from the list.
  8. drvsafe

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    Just opt out after you get the first email.
  9. nitestalker

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    These combat classes are loads of fun. If you are a avid Combat Match shooter it can really help you scores. I am not sure learning shooting games helps the civilian CCW gun owner.:confused:
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    You guys need to go to a place like "" set up an email under a different name, and use that for all the junk BS...

    I stumble upon my spare email from time to time and see like 900 unread emails... lol.

    I use my real email for friends and business matters only.