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Front Pocket Holster

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What are your experiences with front pocket holsters, what would be a good one to get, is it still revealing of what your carrying or does it conceal better?
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I have and use a pocket holster from , the pocket companion. I carry every day. Unless you wear skin tight pants no one can tell you are packing.
revealing of what your carrying
The only ones I'm familiar with have a clip...How about a pic of yours? I stick my pocket pistols w/o any holsters, on the strong side...All keys, coins, etc stay in the other front pocket...
I would think it would defeat the purpose of not showing any unusual bulk that a holster would add...With muzzle down, no problem grabbing it when need be...:)

Here is the one I use. I never would have believed something that feels so flimsy could be so comfortable to use. I often forget I have it in my pocket. especilly good when wearing shorts as i am now. Notice the little hook or extention above the slide. One could use their thumb to dislodge the pistol from the holster before drawing or the hook actually "hooks" on the top of the pocket when presenting the pistol. I sure like it. I bought it at a gun show after walking past it a couple of times. I then desided to actually take a look at it and was surprised. I thought what the heck, for under 20 bucks I might as well try it. I know that when I show it to my students they generally are impressed and ask about where they can get one too. Check it out.
Thanks for the link. I like the looks of the pocket holster for my new little P3AT.

Along with being thin and rigid, Kydex helps keep sweat off the gun, which is a big deal with summertime pocket carry.
Pocket Holster

Check out the Pocket Max from El Paso Saddlery ( It's made from roughout horsehide with a lip at the front to help keep it in your pocket when you draw. Plus it's only $40!
FWIW, I use a pocket holster for a J Frame as my daily back up. Have done this for many years now.

I've tried almost every holster on the market and have been able to narrow the list down to two that work reliabliy and consistantly....

The Desantis Nemisis for larger pocketed pant like 5.11 tactical, cargo pant, Dockers, slacks etc and Kramer's Horsehide pocket for jeans. I have found that no "one" holster works well in all pant types best...however these two fit the bill for this type of clothing. The are similar but fundamentally different enough to work in different types of clothing.

The Kramer disappears in jeans but moves around too much is 5.11's for example and conversly the Neminis prints too much in jeans....
front pocket carry

I used to ride motorcycles for a living, yeah one of those motorcycle traffic cops. I carried an AMT .380 in my left front pocket as a backup. I turned the pants inside out and laid the pistol on the pocket. I drew an outline of the underside of the slide (dust cover) around the trigger guard to the front top corner of the grip. I then used the wife's sewing machine to double stitch the line. This formed a pocket for the pistol to sit into. It always sat muzzle down in the same spot. I never had to worry about it moving and/or roating. Worked great
Been carrying a back-up S&W 342 in a Safariland model 25 pocket holster since 2003 either in dress pants or 5.11's and never had any issues other then sometimes when first sitting down it will shift a bit but while standing is always were it should be. Lastly the holster stays open after drawing and with very little practice is easy to resholster without the need to take the holster out of one's pocket so long as you keep your finger off the trigger for safey reasons. This holster I believe is less then $50.
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