From PA, vacationing in NY. With my pistol?

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  1. Pjj342

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    I have a CCW for PA. I carry my gun everywhere and anytime I leave the house. I am planning a vacation to Niagra falls NY and Im trying to figure out if I can have my weapon on me in NY state.

    I googled a couple questions and it doesnt seem promising. As NY has no reciprosity to ANY other state in regards to carrying a loaded concealed weapon.

    On the other hand, I dont have to carry it on my person if I cant. But I would like to at least have it loaded in my hotel room with me, even if it has to be unloaded in my car or something while we are sight seeing.

    Im not a criminal, its my gun, and I have a valid PA permit. Ive been pulled over here in pa, told the officer of my weapon and of course, he was just fine with it. How would that go in NY state?

    Does anyone have any insight on this, or where to look for solid info?
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    I have a PA permit as well.. NY does not recognize our permits. While traveling, id guess you have to do the normal "weapon in the trunk, ammo in the glove box". As for keeping it loaded in a not sure, but NY has some pretty strict gun laws... I wouldn't advise it.

  3. Tetelestai

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    Simply do not bring your gun (as much as it sucks). I'm in the same boat as you. I'm now in PA (originally from NY) and will be headed to NY unarmed.

    NY does not recognize out of state permits, and to have a non-licensed handgun in NY is a felony (you need a permit to own/carry/transport a handgun). Heck, buying a pistol in NY is a pain because you need to buy the gum, leave it at the shop, take the info to a court house, get it added to your permit, the you get to go back to the shop and pick your gun up a couple days later-- that's just for law abiding citizens, not us evil out-of-staters.

    Long story short is that you shouldn't bring your gun, your putting yourself at a ton of risk and liability.

    What you should do is contact our senators and urge them to support the senate companion bill of H.R 822 - the national reciprocity act of 2011 that would make your LTCF legal in NY (it passed the house last week)

    Edit: to answer your specific concern about being pulled over: if you tell the, you haven pistol unloaded in your trunk (which is how most people have to carry in NY btw) and do not produce an NY pistol permit, you'll be arrested for illegal possession of a firearm.
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  4. boatme98

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    I can see it now...

    Penn. man arrested on Thru Way carrying arsenal in car.

    "On thanksgiving morning, tragedy was averted when State Police stopped Haywood Jabuzoff of Squirl Chow, Pa. for a routine traffic stop. Upon searching his vehicle, police found an unlicensed handgun in the trunk. Also found was a clip for the handgun, fully loaded, and a box of ammunition for the gun.
    Department spokeswoman Fattaz Botch said, "Citizens of NY can rest easier today since we have identified and imprisoned a possible terrorist. We have one more arsenal safely out of criminals hands.".
    Mr. Jabuzoff will tried in Bunghole County on numerous charges. A normal sentence for illegal weapons in NY is ten years."

    Leave it at home.
  5. Pjj342

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    After hearing it from you guys, I wont even try it. It is still very odd to me though, that I can live in a normal state like pa and be right next to a communist state like ny. It kinda defies logic.
    I cant imagine that the people of new york would be in danger by having more law abiding people carry concealed in their state. Its not like we didnt go thru background checks in our own states. None of us have commited a crime to make us ineligable, and we would probably protect ourselves and the fellow citezens of the state if a voilent madman threatened us. I cant see the problem with that.

    Is it 911 backlash, or has it been this way in ny for a while?

    I was reading in this months (I think), American rifleman magazine. They were talking about great britians out of control gun laws. They all stemmed from an violent incident that quickly pushed members of parliment to pass an all encompassing gun law, where permits were needed for individual guns and ALOT of previously purchased firearms were siezed from the british public, if they didnt meet insane ownership requirements. This resulted in almost a 400% spike in violent crimes and a wave of illegal guns going to criminals from eastern europe. the british people suffered greatly, and still are.
    I hope this isnt the direction this country is heading, because its already starting it seems.
  6. JonM

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    Its been that way a long time. Its a major reason why new york is a crime ridden hell hole.

    Im only 20 miles north of the illinoise border thats another anti gun crime ridden hellhole state.

    Newyork while it claims to have ccw doesnt actually have it its just for democrats and mafia types and union thugs who have political connections
  7. gollygee

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    Sorry for your misfortune of having to go to new york.:(
  8. BlueTurf

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    From what I have heard about the state of NY and their official/legal view of firearms, I would be very cautious about having a firearm in my possession, especially a handgun. I think it sucks that there has to be states where guns are so restricted. I guess the fact that the areas with the toughest gun control laws also have the highest crime rates doesn't matter to the powers to be.