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My friend just got a Nagant revolver and he had questions, so I told him I know a lot about them, i answered all his questions but one about the year marking, so he sent me a picture of the year, it's a tula with good grips, but the year was multi-stamped or something. Anyone know what this is? Thanks

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Wood I think, here's the whole pistol

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a little information on the Nagant company

I found this sight helpfull somwhat in identifying Belgian mfg's belge/artisans identifies nagant/a nagant gb.htm belge/a a artisans identifies gb.htm#N


Emile (1830 - 1902) and Leon (1833 - 1900) melt in 1859 the Factory of Weapons Emile and Leon Nagant, Quai of Ourthe, 41 in Liege.

The meeting with the Remington brothers in 1867, makes it possible to take, under licence, the manufacture of 5000 rifles "Rolling Block" intended for the pontifical Zouaves of the guard of the Vatican. By improving the system of closing they produce shotguns to known guns juxtaposed under the name of "Remington-Nagant".

They contribute to the adjustment of the turntable of the Dutch revolver Mle 1873 which are manufactured by the Arsenal of Hembrug and the Beaumont firm of Maastricht.

In 1876, they manufacture a rifle in 11 mm for Greece provided with the Mylonas system.

In 1877, they create a gun with two juxtaposed guns, system "Rolling block", of caliber 9,4 mm (cartridge carried out by the Bachmann Belgian, known under the name of 9,4 Nagant or 9,4 Belgian). This weapon will remain in equipment in the Belgian gendarmerie until 1901, it is the first Belgian lawful weapon with metal cartridge.

The revolver model 1878, available in simple and double action, gave rise to a series of weapons which were adopted by various European countries:

Belgium first of all: models 1878, 1883 and 1878/86 with the calibre 9,4 mm.

The model 1883 in double action by Norway.

The model 1887, calibre 7,5 mm by Sweden of them.

The model 1893, calibre of them 7,5 mm by Norway, Serbia and again Sweden; in calibre 44 (11 mm), by Brazil and Argentina.
And finally the model 1895 with advancing barrel (without "gas loss"), calibre 7,62 of them, by Russia.

In 1887, Nagant build a rifle with Mannlicher system into 7,65 and 8 mm, considered to be too complex, it are replaced, in 1888, by a Mauser system.

The same year, with the aid of Colonel Ivanovich Mosin, Nagant work with the production of a repeating rifle calibre some 7,62, likely to replace the "Berdan", lawful Russian with a blow. Famous rifle "Mosin-Nagant" is accepted in 1891.

The 2 brothers separate in 1896, Leon creates at once the "Factory of Weapons Leon Nagant" and, with its 2 sons Charles (1863) and Maurice (1866), in 1899, they launch out in the automobile adventure (but that is another history) to died of Leon, in 1900 the name of the firm becomes "Factory of Weapons and Cars Nagant Frères".

The list of Nagant handgun models

Nagant 1877 Gendarmerie

Nagant 1878

Nagant 1878-86

Nagant 1883

Nagant 1884 Gendarmerie

Nagant 1887

Nagant 1887 calibre .22

Serbian Nagant 1891

Nagant 87/93

Nagant 87/93 Törnell

Nagant 1893 Norway

Nagant 1895

Nagant 1895 Gépéou (?)

Nagant 1895 short - Extremely rare variation of the Russian Nagant revolver.

Shortened frame and barrel Nagants were issued to N.K.V.D. officers and special agents.

Nagant 1898

Nagant 1910

Nagant brezilian (.44cal) belge/artisans identifies nagant/a nagant bresilien gb.htm

Nagant "Fiel"
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