French MAS 49/56

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    Question; Is there any where I can go to find the schematics and blueprints for the French made maps 49 and mas 49/56. Reason; I have been looking to purchase one for quite some time now and have been unable to locate one that is still in the original caliber of 7.5x54mm ( the three I have found were butchered by CAI and the owners only had complaints about them) so the other night I thought to myself what if just get the receiver milled out of a block of steel, bought the other parts off line and put one together myself the only problem with that is I don't know the dimensions :confused:
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    You'd be better of buying one. It takes a lot of work to build a working gun that is safe to use. It could also cost more than it cost for an original one. Not to mention any legal issues you could run into. (depending on where you live, you can build a gun yourself, I'm not sure about having someone mill it for you. I think they would need the proper FFL for that. Maybe if they only did 80%, and you did the rest??? I'd check on the legality of that first).

    Here you go. I found you some.
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    An MAS is not worth the troubke of milling a receiver for one. Check armslkst, they pop up on there from time to time. The only way id go to milling a receiver for a gun is if it was a k43 or something lol.