French MAS 49/56

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    Can anyone give me an approximate price for this rifle. It is in excellent condition both wood and metal. Bore perfect. I have not fired it although I have ammo. I have concerns about slam fires. Comments. Thanks, Dan
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    Checked completed auctions over at gunbroker. For an unaltered in good shape, anywhere from $450-$600 seems to be the going rate.

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    c3shooter is pretty much right on................although I only gave less than 250 for each of my two.
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    MAS 49-56 slamb firing

    I have the 7.62 NATO conversion from Century

    the particular one I have shoots fine, I'd found information on Surpluserifle Fourms and Gunboards Fourms that address the issue.
    if your shooting commercial soft primers they recomend tipping the firing pin slightly to slightly remove the radius of the pin (blunting it)
    another has a firing pin return spring, and another they make one of Titanium,
    I opted for tipping trhe firing pin as per the demensions outlined in the SurpRifle Fourm and did manage to get a small enugh return spring fitted to my firing pin (requires turning a step on the hardened firing pin),

    If your reloading, you can simply purchase the Military primers and do away with all the above mentioned foolishness.

    The Mas 44, 49, 49-56 were designed to fire military ammunitions also used in machine guns, such ammo had a thick primer cup that needed a good whack.

    If properly adjusted, the firing system of the Mas 49 and 49-56 with its free floating firing pin should not slam fire on hard primers.

    the correct protrusion of the firing pin inside the bolt face is

    minimum =1.3mm

    maximum =1.8mm

    Many Mas 49 and 49-56 sold on the French domestic market have been transformed to fire "civilian" calibers like the 30/284 by rechambering or 7.08 by rebarrelling, the gunsmiths have also adapted the firing pins for commercial ammo by blunting the firing pins with a flat end reducing the protrusion from 1.3mm down to 0.8mm.

    The gunsmiths have also checked that the trigger block is properly adjusted inside the stock:

    The correct protrusion of the hammer inside the receiver must be adjusted very precisely:

    minimum =0.8mm

    maximum =1.0mm,

    The measurement is checked with the trigger depressed and the hammer is held back by the auto sear.

    The poor adjustment of the trigger block is the most frequent cause of burst firing by the Mas semia auto rifles.

    What happens is not a real slam fire, as the bolt is already locked when the firing pin is allowed to move forward and touch the primer cup.

    For reloading ammo for these rifles CCI 34 primers are a must.
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    If I could get another?

    If I could go back in time knowing what I know now, I'd Definately get another in 7.5French
    the other would be the 8mm Egyptian Hakim rifle.

    Id also shot the SVT-40 and the Fn-49 (30-06) but think I'd pass up them for the two above.
    the reasoning is the complexity/mx issues of the diffrent weapons.

    I bought my (7.62 NATO) MAS 49/56 from a acquaintance for what he'd bought it for ($250) back in early 1990's when they came as complete packages with all the bells and trinkets, later on he sold me the scope that went with the rifle for the same money I'd spent for the rifle ($250)

    MAS 49/56 Field Strip/ Disassembly Pictoral Guide:

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