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    I found an old 410 of my fathers. It's a Springfield, J Stevens arms Chicopee falls Mass. and have the serial number (E29265)
    I'm looking for a free site to age the gun and find out it's worth.

    Can anyone help?

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    Well, you are at one of those sites right now.

    Savage Arms acquired J. Stevens Arms & Tool Company in the early 1920s. You can find the same model gun at times wearing the name Stevens, Savage, or Springfield (trade name used by Savage). At one time, Savage was the largest gun maker in this country.

    There were dozens of different models- hell, I have 3 different Savage/ Stevens .410s in the safe!

    Post some good, in focus, well lighted pictures here (probably not from a phone) and post all of the markings. We probably cannot tell you the year, but can get you the years that model was made.

    And as we say in the South, where ARE my manners? Welcome to the forum- good folks here- sometimes a bit goofy, but good people. When you have a minute, stop by the intro thread, and tell us a bit about yourself.
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