Are you a first responder or member of the armed forces? Well the National Rifle Association has a free membership with your name on it to the Life of Duty program.

What is it?


This special program includes all of the benefits and privileges of a regular NRA membership, and deep discounts on gear from NRA's Life of Duty member-only gear discount providers. Then there are other special savings on select NRA Store offers, a digital subscription to America's First Freedom, and a digital subscription to the NRA American Warrior magazine.
NRA Life of Duty is a broadband network featuring an interactive library filled with videos made specifically for individuals who go to work every day protecting, defending, and fighting for the safety of the American people.

Best of all, its FREE.

Who is eligible?


Active-duty military, law enforcement, and first responder personnel are eligible for NRA Life of Duty membership. These memberships are sponsored by vendors and regular NRA members and are good for one year.

How to get yours?

Just go to the website fill out the online application, provide your military, Law enforcement or first responder information, and click submit.

If you are eligible and not already a NRA member, you may want to look at joining. If you aren't eligible and are a member already, think about sponsoring a membership for a service member.

It's a win win.