Free Hand Shooting

Discussion in 'Range Report' started by elmerfudge, Apr 8, 2012.

  1. elmerfudge

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    Except for sighting in a scope or aligning handgun sights, I shoot free handed.

    At both my indoor and outdoor ranges, I am in a small minority.

    Most people I observe shooting handguns are half laying on there lane table. On the long gun ranges, most are bench shooting.

    My outdoor range was running a CCW course and I observed the 12 people doing their qualification shooting. The instructor had to "remind" several of these future heroes more than once to get off the tables.

    You can sure tell us former military from the masses by their shooting technique or the lack thereof.
  2. willfully armed

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    Good for you. Tell them they're doing it wrong. Shoot them if they don't listen.

  3. BenLuby

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    Shooters get in comfort zones, and let's be honest, most military shooters started, those that shot before joining, with braced shots. You get in the service, you are made to shoot freehand.
    Most people who shoot, however, aren't SHTF types. They're plinkers, and have a firearm because they like it, and give them some sense of security.
    I'm happy to see them shooting, be it on a bench or braced, because at least they are shooting. You'll get those that will ask questions, or watch and see what you're doing so that they will expand their shooting styles.
    Everyone of us has our opinions on shooting. I really don't want to be one of those who look down on the other shooters. I would rather teach them the best methods and help them to improve.
    I've been asked on a few occasions what was wrong with their firearm. With semiautomatics, it's limp wristing, not the firearm itself.
    Teaching them how to use the sights is important as well, and explaining to newbies not to go out and get the biggest damn gun they can afford, but to get what they can control and hit the target with.
    I prefer being inclusive on the range. Help them if they want it. If they don't want it, then, as long as they're being safe, that's their choice.
  4. JTJ

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    I am not up on bullseye pistol shooting anymore but it was always done single handed standing. Rifle was position shooting with standing the worst target score at least for me. We were taught to use slings. Yeah, I am old. I was practicing standing last year with a 22 rifle at 50 yards for a turkey shoot and I was really bad. I will be working on it again this year but I will try my 10-22 instead of the bolt.
  5. 97cobra

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    I was always taught to shoot free handed. My dad and pap always said I wasn't going to have a bench set up to shoot a deer from so why not practice how it would be in reality.

    I know have that gold cup, and it is way more accurate than I can shoot so every now and again I like to shoot from a rest with it to see what I can do.
  6. jjfuller1

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    Generally I shoot rifles from a bench or supported position like sitting or prone. Personally I like prone the best of all. Pistol is never done with a rest. Just good stance. When I'm hunting I look for the best way to make a clean kill shot so I'll try to use a branch or my knee whatever I can find. Recently, I did try shooting my ar free hand standing again (bootcamp style). Was fun but I need more practice.
  7. The_Kid

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    I shoot utilizing every shooting position.

    I use a rifle as it is intended to be used, as a long range precision instrument. Trying to hit the 8 inch kill-zone on a deer at 400 yards offhand would most likely end-up with an unrecoverable suffering animal. Shooting from a sitting position, rested on a fence post, tree, rock, log or simply in the prone position, will provide the stability to make a successful shot with regularity.

    A marksman understands the reasoning behind practicing from every shooting position possible.
  8. Rick1967

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    I enjoy a little of everything. I do some bench, some standing and some prone. But what I enjoy the most is a run and gun type of thing. Having several targets at varied distances. I will shoot on the move with my AR until I run it dry. Then just let it hang by the sling as I draw my 1911 and continue. That is a lot of fun if you have enough room.