Free Brian Aitkens; Travesty with Justice

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    contact Governor Chris Christie

    read about it here Judge Napolitano V speaks out

    Judge Napolitano Voices in on New Jersey v Brian Aitken :: The 912 Project Fan Site

    a travesty with justice; it can happen to any and all

    quote: I have just received this update from Brian Aitken regarding his arrest by New Jersey law enforcement for allegedly transporting firearms illegally. Judge Napolitano offers his opinions on his show, “Freedom Watch”. What adds weight to his opinions on this case is that the Judge use to be a Superior Court Judge in the state of New Jersey.

    Brian Aitken Follows New Jersey Gun Laws and Now Faces 7 years in Prison

    Find Details of Brian Aitken’s appearance in his press release:

    Yesterday, Brian Aitken appeared on “Freedom Watch” on FOX News to discuss his unconstitutional arrest and indictment with Judge Napolitano, a former New Jersey Superior Court Judge.

    Mr. Aitken, a 25 year old resident of New Jersey, was arrested for what the State of New Jersey has called “illegal possession of unregistered firearms” on January 2, 2009. According to all verifiable sources, it appears Mr. Aitken was abiding by the law and even went so far as to seek the advice of New Jersey State Police before being arrested for doing what he was told—even though State and Federal laws protect his right to possess and transport his legally owned firearms.

    Surprisingly, Mr. Aitken has received no local or national media attention until recently; understandable when one considers the local media has had their hands full with the recent New Jersey Corruption Sting—which resulted in the arrest of mayors, state lawmakers, and other public officials.

    Mr. Aitkens first national appearance began with Judge Napolitano saying, ““I am happy to meet you because you are a lover of freedom, and a defender of freedom, although your rights in the Garden State have not been upheld by the judicial system.”

    The interview was most notable due to the Judges’ personal and professional connection to New Jersey. Judge Napolitano spent his career as a lawyer and Superior Court Judge in the same state that is trying to lock up Mr. Aitken for obeying the law. Add in the 11 years Judge Napolitano spent as a constitutional law professor at Seton Hall University and it’s difficult to imagine anyone could know the New Jersey State Law better than him. “Jersey is not a gun-friendly state,” said Judge Napolitano, “I can tell you as a former life tenured judge in that State, [New Jersey] is not a friend of the Second Amendment.”

    Judge Napolitanos’ expert opinion? “They were legally possessed… I’m 100% on your [Brian Aitkens’] side.”
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    email to the Gov.!! Done!!!!

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    Done. I read the story and was appalled.
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    the pathetic thing is, if he hadnt followed the rules and informed the new jersy gestapo they wouldnt have known to search everything looking for the guns he told em about...