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I have a Fred K Simes side by side Ser # 2183 all the pictures I have found show the chamber opener between the hammers, mine has it mounted on the left side, I was wondering what year it was made and does it have any value before I hang it on the fireplace,

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@Russ Dickert - Welcome to the site. Please wander over to the Introductions section and tell us a bit about yourself. You will also want to familiarize yourself with this thread (it has good information about the site): So yer new here, huh?

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Welcome to the Forum! Great people here and hope you stay learn and share! People here have a lot of knowledge. I just wanted to respond to let you know we are aware of your request. I have done some research today but have not found much yet regarding your Simes Double Barrel Shotgun or value, I did find a lot about the family, and found one that had been sold in an auction it was in bad shape with no designs like yours. IMO yours was probably one of the top-of-the-line guns with all the details and designs on it. But I believe it may have a Damascus Barrel and if it is, you do not want to shoot modern shotgun shells in it! But will make a beautiful fireplace display. Here is my Double Barrel Hammer 12ga. They just add to the Fireplace and an excellent conversation piece! (y)
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But If I find anything to assist, myself or one of the other members here will let you know!
Also Welcome from Tennessee!
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