Freaking idiots (rant)

Discussion in 'The Club House' started by bobbyb13, Apr 6, 2009.

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    53 people murdered this year in mass shootings. Madman murdered his 5 kids because he caught his wife stepping out. HLN and libs screaming gun control. $hit, enforce the laws there are on the books now. I can see nothing good on the horizion for us. It is always blame guns. Not the tragic, dumb, scumbag, SOB pulling the trigger.
    Sorry guys, I know this has been posted a million times. I just get so pi$$ed at everthing being blamed on an inantimate object. Pi$$ on it. I'm going on the back side of the farm with Jack, and relax. Later.
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    I feel ya brother. I think we all feel the same.

    THe problems are the people and not the guns.

    To many people are pissed because someone did something to them for some reason they just can let it out.

    You see we all have much lower stress levels because we have a hobby that provides up some good stress relief. Think about it I know everytime I have a hard day I think boy wish I had a range in the back yard so I could do a little blasting. Every time I go to the range unless something bad happens I know I feel much better.

    To many people work to much think that they are really important and they are not and just overall worry about the wrong things in life.

    Ok so your wife is steppin out on you. Divorce her take the kids make her pay for child support and call it a day. Let her go or try to work it out. I had the same thing happen to me and I just left knew it was not a good spot to be got a little mixed up along the way and figured out which way to be headed and now I am doing good I have both kids they are happy health and they eat good have clean cloths and are safe. What other stuff do you need to worry about. Everything is just a thang. Work for me stops when I leave the buildging granted I have a rather low stress job as it is I am at work right now typing this in my office pissed because I can't get windows to install on a mac. But when 4pm hits I am out the door and home to cook dinner help the kids with home work then shuffle them off to Tea Kwon Do and home for showers and Big Bang Theory and bed.

    To many people don't poop enough either. I am a firm believer in 3 times a day movements. If you are not going 3 times a day then you need more fiber. call me crazy but my kids are grumps if they don't go 3 times a day. same with me OMG I can get down right grumpy if I don't go 3 times a day.

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    Made an error

    It was 53 deaths in the last month. That made me feel a lot better. NOT:mad:
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    Just my 2 cents,It seems that these people don't know how to lose(sp)Every one of these people were "victims" in one way or another (cheated on,shunned by some one or some group,or frustrated at the system) and felt there was no way to accept it,or in other terms,lose with grace.Which is why most take the cowards way out and take there own lives .
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    We have seen this happen before, crime rates goes up with unemployment rates.

    People's lives become unraveled and they just do something stupid.

    It was interesting that in Skull's post about the 53 in a month the Brady Group was all over the news, but the NRA wasn't available for comment.


    Aren't you the guys that are supposed to point out the facts and not let the Leftist Agenda continue unchallenged??

    Too many innocent lives lost, and too few people with CCW to help stop the violence.

    Cops are minutes away - at best - we can't just continue to assume they will be the ones to "deal with the issue".

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    Well said JD!

    Sunday I was working in the yard and had to run to the store to get gas for the mower. I got in the truck and was pulling out when I realized I forgot something. I went back in the house and my girlfriend said "did you forget your wallet?" I said nope my pistol, she gave me the :rolleyes: but didn't say anything. Latter when we were bbq I explained why it's important to always carry. She said her Glock is always in her purse along with the car keys, wallet and cell phone. My stuff is always in a few different areas. Apparently the :rolleyes: was for that but at least she didn't suggest I carry a purse:D