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    Got some range time with the M700 and the Columbian Mauser. Got the Remington zeroed but the mauser is stringing shots vertically from POA. Checked mounts, rings etc... Everything is tight. Then I noticed the reticle brightness adjustment knob hanging off the scope tube. Cheap *** Ncstar 2x pistol scope grenaded itself after 25 rds. Figured the optics internally are puked as well. AHH SOO "wound eye" you want cheap scope? You get what ya pay for. Anyone have an idea on an inexpensive but reliable ler type optic? Pic below of setup.

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    DAMNIT MAN!!!!

    Love the Lee turret in the background........looks just like mine. In the basement no less. Plus according to your siggy line you never leave home without your Springy 1911, AND you use a NcStar scope...

    you been stalkin' me!?!?!?


    I bought one of those NcStar scopes when i picked up the Ruger carbine, but could only find see thru mounts for 1" tube and this is 30mm tube. Thinking about mounting it to the 06. Now i'm wondering if its worth the time and energy and should just sell it.

    They DO have a good i dunno, never had a need for it....yet.

    Might the issue be you using a pistola scope on a mauser??

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    Rugged and cheap are not usually able to be used in the same sentence.

    Just cuz its made in a foreign country doesnt mean its crap just as made in america doesnt equate to high quality.

    Vortex optics is mainly made in china and their stuff is backed by a no bs warranty. They seem to be popular. Bushnell is another that has a good following. I know there are a couple other options.

    There is no company i know of that grinds its own optics here in the states. So the important part of the scope are all made in foreign countries
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    One of the guys I work with bought a NCStar and had the same issues , the guts just fell out , he told me to run when someone says NCstar are great scopes for the money like he was told .
    FMJ I think Id sell it and get outta it before it turns itself into a parts scope ;)