Fox Sterlingworth 20 Gauge Bolt

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    I have my grandfather's Fox Sterlingworth 20g. Double F&F It is a fine double I have hunted with it since I was 12.
    While thoroughly cleaning it inside and out. And lubricating all the parts. I noticed that the Bolt seems to have been improperly heat treated if they did. And it has quite a bit of wear and damage to it from years of operation. It still works OK but I would like to get another bolt for it. I checked with Numrich who does not have one. Does anyone know who might have one or could make one to spec.

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    Do you have any pics?

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    What would be wrong with building the original bolt back to specs and heat treating it after you build it back & dress it? That's the easiest way to get it done if you can't find a bolt. Barring that you could take the bolt & use it as the pattern to make another.
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    I will probably need to disassemble the shotgun to get a good picture of it. To get the correct cuts and dimensions from it building it from a picture would be a lot of luck and a masterpiece it has all sorts of directional cuts, angles that act as camming surfaces. And I could send it out to a tool maker. The only thing I am afraid of is, being the airloom that it is. If it were to get lost WOW! I would be devastated. Obviously because who knows where there is another one.
    If you have any feedback on this information please advise. Would sure like to locate one somewhere!

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    Find a good gunsmith. If you cannot find one, Scott Null at S&S Sporting is a Master Gunsmith, has a heat treating oven, is a master machinest and could make one for you that would work 100%.
    His prices are reasonable and he will not loose or damage your shotgun.
    He can have it picked up at your house by Fed-X. Just package the gun in a good case, double wrap it with cardboard. He has had thousands of guns shipped to him over the years and Fed-X has yet to loose one. A couple have been misplaced by Fed-X, but they have always found them. It's rare for them to misplace one.
    Properly packaged, it will not get damaged either.
    His phone # is 208-313-1570.

    I'm a retired gunsmith, was a darn good smith, Scott is the best I've ever seen. Expect at least 3 month wait, good smiths are always backed up. If you find a smith that will have it back in a week, he is most likely not a great smith unless he is doing you a favor and putting yours ahead of other guns.

    John K
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    Thank you very much for the information! I will be in contact with Mike.