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A post from democratic underground all I can say is wow....

10. It sounds like the sheep dog, the sheep and the wolf analogy I've heard from LEOs.

In order for the herd (oh, I know the insults that will breed) to live in peace and prosperity, they say, the sheep dog is there to do the things the public doesn't want or need to learn.

The children at Sandy Hook didn't need to learn to fire a gun or duck and cover for the armed wolves who are now running loose among the flock legally. They needed to develop into whoever or whatever they were going to be.

Which could have been doctors, teachers, nurses, crafts people or whatever else the planet needs. That's a civil society with a chance for mobility and freedom to be oneself instead of a consumer of the culture of death.

The wolves have gathered and formed a group to bring down the sheep dogs, by denying funding and stealing the commons the sheep needed to travel in their journey of life. It leaves the wolves free to threaten everyone whenever they feel like it and then make them go and hide and release the commons to their masters. Like the Koches.

That's as simple an analogy as I can make to describe what is happening emotionally and even materially in this nation. At the same time the wolves howl about a police state, they are escalating the level of force in this country as they do their masters' bidding and arm themselves to kill off the sheep dogs.

They don't get what they're working for, maybe none of us do. That line of thinking is offensive on an ego level, but there is an old Italian saying:

When the game is over, the king and the pawn go into the same box.

Not that well expressed of a rant, but anyway.
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