FORUM HELP NEEDED : Mauser - ‘Broomhandle’ - C96 Pistol - Cal 8.15mm (Experimental)

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    Mauser - ‘Broomhandle’ - C96 Pistol - Caliber 8.15mm (Experimental)

    Pistol - Variation 1
    Since the early 1960s, there has been much discussion re the C96 - 8.15mm pistol … A small number of these pistols have been verified and exist within the Model 1930, 8xxxxx to 9xxxxx serial range. They are pictured, described and well documented in the classic reference books for the C96 pistol, including ‘System Mauser’ by Breatherd and Schroeder, ‘The Mauser Self-Loading Pistol’ by Belford and Dunlap, and ‘The Broomhandle Mauser Pistol 1896-1936’ by Erickson and Pate. The method of verification has been to make an accurate casting of the chamber which is then compared to the original DWM factory case information and similarly for the bore which is compared to the original DWM factory bullet information. Chamber cast comparison with original DWM factory case information is mentioned in ‘System Mauser’ on page 150.

    The DWM 580 case and the DWM 501 bullet (hollow base)/502 bullet (flat and straight base) are illustrated, described and well documented in DWM Case Drawings Volume 1 (2nd Edition), DWM Case Drawings Volume 2 and DWM Bullet Drawings Volume 3 all taken from original DWM source material and published by GIG Concepts Inc, and the Handbuch der Pistolen und Revolver Patronen by Brandt.

    There are still a few people, who inexplicably, continue to deny the existence of the C96 - 8.15mm pistol.

    Pistol - Variation 2
    There is another variation of the C96 - 8.15mm pistol. These pistols are currently being verified and exist within the 2xxxxx to 4xxxxx serial range. These pistols are not pictured, described or well documented in any of the classic reference books. On 20 December 1999, in London, the very prestigious auction house, Cristie’s auctioned a verified C96 - 8.15mm pistol, serial number 275989. The details are available on the Cristie’s website.

    The existence of this variation of C96 - 8.15mm pistol is known as the direct result of internet information exchanges between collectors regarding C96 pistols that are not 7.63mm, not 9mm and not in the 8xxxxx to 9xxxxx serial range. These pistols are all factory original, all with matching numbered parts. They have each been examined closely by experts who state that they have been re-bored from 7.63mm to 8.15mm at the factory, by Mauser.

    Forum Help Needed
    Several collectors in Europe and the USA are currently in the process of searching for other collectors that have C96 - 8.15mm pistols, especially within the 2xxxxx to 4xxxxx serial range.

    We are going to make several accurate Cerrosafe castings of the chamber and bore, then have well known pistol/ cartridge experts, in Europe and in the USA, rigorously compare the castings to the original DWM factory specifications for the case and the bullet. Several of us have already shared key casting measurements and find them to be ‘identical’ to each other and to the original DWM factory data. The word ‘identical’ is used here to mean - very close.

    If you have such a C96 pistol and are interested in participating with us, then please respond to this posting. We would like to find as many C96 - 8.15mm pistol owners as possible.

    Thanks for your interest.
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    Dear Mr. Marty Jung,

    are an Italian collector of service weapons of the First and Second World War. I found his shooting touch on the internet, a forum for fans of guns.
    During my long stay in Germany have come into possession of a C96 with a gauge rather strange. At the time I check the gun to the leading experts in C96 with whom I had contact, but no one could give me an explanation of why the measure of the caliber does not correspond to anything known.
    After a few attempts I managed to get an appointment at the Mauser factory in Oberndorf also in Germany where my C96 was identified and certified by the parent.
    It is a rare C96 caliber 8,15 mm 1930 model, experimental model probabilemnte built for France with the serial number 913 816, and prepared for the cartridge case DWM580.

    I offer you my most cordial greetings and hope that it will be useful to know that monmdo longer exists another C96 8.15 caliber and certified by the Mauser.

    I can write to this address if you need some information:

    Have a nice day,

    Rosario Mirulla

    PS-I apologize for any translation errors. I used google translated. Below is the text also in Italian.

    Gentile Sig. Marty Jung,

    sono un collezionista italiano di armi di ordinanza della I° e II° guerra mondiale. Ho trovato il suo contatto girando su internet, in un forum di appassionati di pistole.
    Durante la mia lunga permanenza in Germania sono venuto in possesso di una C96 con un calibro piuttosto strano. All'epoca feci controllare la pistola ai maggiori esperti di C96 con cui avevo contatti ma nessuno riusciva a darmi una spiegazione del perché la misura del calibro non corrispondesse a niente di noto.
    Dopo alcuni tentativi sono riuscito ad avere un appuntamento presso la fabbrica Mauser di Oberndorf sempre in Germania dove la mia C96 fu identificata e certificata dalla casa madre.
    Si tratta di una rara C96 calibro 8,15 mm modello 1930, modello sperimentale probabilemnte costruito per la Francia con il numero di serie 913816 e predisposta per il bossolo DWM580.

    Le porgo i miei più cordiali saluti e spero che le possa essere utile sapere che al monmdo esite un altra C96 calibro 8,15 e con certificazione della Mauser.

    Mi può scrivere a questo indirizzo se ha bisogno di qualche informazione:

    Buona giornata,

    Rosario Mirulla
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