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Discussion in 'The Club House' started by opaww, Aug 13, 2011.

  1. opaww

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    On any forum you go to you will find good people and A-holes. This forum is no different; the mods try and weed out the A-hole types before they do much damage. Sometimes we miss one or two or maybe they were A-holes because the OP was an A-hole.

    All one really needs to get along in this forum is a somewhat thick skin, a sense of hummer, and a common bond of gun ownership and/or support. This is not exclusively a conservative forum; we do have a few liberals who enjoy the common bond with us all. Not everyone will see eye to eye on every issue we discuss, post, and/or debate. Having a diversity of views is what helps the debate and makes for a good forum.

    We almost have Yunus and Ploofy converted though, just kidding guys.

    There are a lot of forum sub-forums and if a subject does not appeal to you for debate or posting an opinion then by all means do not participate in it. If you find a subject fascinating, then jump in with both feet. We don’t bite to hard just a little nibble is all. Sometimes a discussion will get a little heated but all you got to do is take a deep breath, relax, and attempt to say how you feel and/or your opinion.

    I would like to see the topic stay on topic a lot more but that is almost a miracle to do at times. Last but not least a worm welcome to all new member who have joined and will join.

    P.S. if you’re female and single who likes older men I am available.

  2. winds-of-change

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    Well said, Opaww. I tend to accept all kinds of opinions whether I agree with them or not. Every rare once in a while someone says something that REALLY rubs me the wrong way and I'll jump in. And if it bothers me enough to want to jump in, it is usually a post I report to the Mods, too. But normally I'm not very argumentative nor looking for a fight.

    I usually refuse to discuss politics or religion........particularly on an open forum like this. I'm just here to learn about guns, make some friends, find some shooting partners, etc.
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  3. AcidFlashGordon

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    Those are the 2 subjects that, over all my time on this planet, have shown to me provides the most proclivity to promote arguments. I will crack "wise" on some posts and on others try to give an honest response, albeit sometimes emotional (depending on the subject matter), but I attempt to NOT be an a**hole. I don't always succeed but then none of us are perfect and I fall far from that arena of thought.

    I can also spew the bulls**t with the best of them and occasionally exhibit that "skill" too.....;)
  4. danf_fl

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    Everybody has an opinion, and I am of no exception.

    For the most part, I'll say it as I see it. To keep a thread going because you disagree with someone does not help to clarify your position.
  5. Ploofy

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    That was an awesome post. Thumbs up.
  6. bkt

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    Good post, opaww. Being civil is important and we try to keep folks in line in that regard. It doesn't always work out, though. As a general rule, if you wouldn't say if face-to-face, don't post it. People tend to grow really big balls sitting at a keyboard.

    As for staying on topic...good luck with that. Threads can stray all over the damn place and that's OK if the material is interesting and useful. We don't have a lot of threads here start out interesting and devolve into total nonsense with absolutely no value; we do try to kick threads back into play if they go into the weeds.
  7. Buckeyeborn

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    Thanks to all the mods for the thankless work you do Bucky
  8. rigjumpr

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    allow me to chime in, an outstanding OP. I agree, that in an open fourm we have the opportunity to come in contact with some that we will never see eye to eye, no matter what the subject is.

    although I have not been a member of this fourm very long. I have always tryed to be respectful, and will continue to do so. even if my "A" type personality and passion on some issues normaly gets me into some heated debates. But it is all done with intended respect.

    LONGHAIR New Member

    To me Respect gets you Respect....or like opaww said have thick-skin....I agree to disagree on any topic....That's what makes the world go around........I really like this Forum and been hanging-around since last Sept....I think it's about time I join....I was just waiting,and lost track of time I guess.....Anyway....This is one of three forums I talk and chat on and is by far the best....X D and are the others and I feel more at home here then either of those two......We need more people to come-up with more topics in the CLUB-HOUSE...????......Just-Saying...........I will say on one of the Harley-Davidson Forums,in there Club-House people are talking and chatting about so many topics at once it can get CRAZY....but it's cool at the same time......O K It's time to go shooting now...BYE.........
  10. c3shooter

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    Good OP. Myself, I try to pick my battles. I have enough kids/grandkids that I need to have understand the words "That is stupid, and it is going to hurt you." When there is someone that I am NOT related to on a forum that falls into the same category, I will offer my opinion, hopefully in a non-hurtful way.

    If they chose to ignore it, so what? Their choice, and so long as it does not affect me, not my problem. If someone wants to make insulting remarks to me, I shall be forced to sit in a corner all night and whimper.

    Naw, that ain't gonna happen. Cutting remarks do not need stitches, and it is really not important. If someone is looking for knowledge, it is important that they get it.

    Among other things, I teach presentation skills. One of my rules for presenters is stay away from sex, politics, and religion- unless your topic is sex, politics, or religion. Becomes a barrier to communication.

    Excuse please- was up early, have worked hard, time for beer and nap. See y'all later.
  11. robocop10mm

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    It is difficult to "bite my tongue" when I see juvenile posts. I try to remember, I too was a stupid neophyte at one time. I did not have the advantage of many older relatives that were gun people. I had to read, and pick up what I could along the way. It was/is a journey that continues to date. People today (especially young people) want immediate gratification. They do not want to "look it up", they want some one to tell them the answer. Not much different than when we were kids and asked an adult how to spell a word. The standard response was "look it up". How am I supposed to look it up when I can't spell it? We figured it out and learned how to spell.

    Instead of asking one or two people, todays youth can go to Al Gore's wonderful invention and ask 100 million people at once.
  12. CGO

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    To tell you the truth..... I don't give a damn what anyone think of me on forums. I belong to a breast cancer forum (survivor) and I tell it like it is. I'm also on other gun forums and I am just who I am. I am blunt with how I feel. Even if you don't ask for my opinion...LOL
  13. dunerunner

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    Maybe we need a sub-forum in the supporting members area where we.................Never Mind!

    Great post, and as usual, you're spot on; opaww!!
  14. Shihan

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    "What you've done there, I see it."
    "Never mind."

    IGETEVEN New Member

    HOOAH! :cool: :D