Fort Frederick 18th ce Market Fair 2013

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    The Fort Frederick 18th Century Market Fair is one of the biggest reenacting/living history events of its kind in the eastern U.S.. Last week I was camping at the 2013 version of the event and I'd like to share some of the goings on in a short series of videos. In this episode I'll give you the general tenor of the event by showing you the campgrounds and the vendors at the Market Fair.
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    I was only there once a couple of years ago. It is a neat event and place. My girlfrind couldn't stand the animal skins all over the place. She's definitely a meat and potatoes (and "lager" -- though I don't know where she puts it) girl but it was sorta a vegetarian's nighmare... She was so unhappy, including with me, and largely stood in the distance while I was going through sutlers and bumping into people I know from across the country. Every history buff, reenactor/living historian or not, and shooter should swing by there sometime.

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    Who, what, where, when, why, and how. OK we know who, what, why, and how. Where and when are important, especially for next year.