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I use Bag Balm which is pretty much the same thing and is available at ranch supply stores. Goes a long way. I simply touch it with my finger and rub it on the case. Use very sparingly. Clean with the above process or Dawn dish liquid. Simple Green or Dawn in the ultrasonic works too. I like the LemiShine idea and will try it next time. You can wash out the dies the same way and dry with a hair dryer.
Aka, Udder Butter.

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I use the spray lube (dillon) and when I take the rounds for inspection, I have a paper towel that has rubbing alcohol on it. I wipe the round down, and then throw it into my case gage. I inspect and wipe down 100%.

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I've tried various things (although I haven't tried the spray stuff yet). I've just settled on the old RCBS foam pad and RCBS lube. Works fine and wipes off easily. I use the Imperial container of small ceramic balls with some graphite powder for neck lube.
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