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    I have been filling out my paperwork and I am on form 4 and I was confused on a few things. What should I list as reason for being fingerprinted (i.e. NFA transfer, weapon tranfer). Also, I have taken a frontal photo of myself from shoulders up and printed it in a 2X2 sqaure. Is this good enough or does it need to be bigger? Last, should I glue it to the form?
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    When dealing with NFA items the last thing I would do is take advice from the idiotnet that could get you in trouble. I would talk to a class III dealer to have these questions answered.

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    On the finger print cards, you must put the reason, i.e. NFA TRANSFER. This is what I have done on all mine. 6 so far.
    The photo must be a 2" x 2" just like a passport photo. Shoulders up, no sunglasses, hats or other things that hide your face.
    Last, do not glue it, but either double sided tape or roll some clear scotch tape on the back of the photo and attach it to the form. Glue may soak through the form and make a big mess of everything.
    Last thing that I do, I make 3 copies of all forms. So when they say they lost a copy or you only sent in 1 copy, you have the other ready to ship out. Doesn't cost any more to do that. Plus I have a copy at the house if I need to check anything.
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    NFA Weapon is all you need to say.

    The cards are going to the section that does NFA purchases so the text entry is irrelevant.