Ford truck engine?

Discussion in 'The Club House' started by mrwatch, Aug 28, 2008.

  1. mrwatch

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    Any mechanics here? A man has an 2003-05 Ranger pick up 4 Cyl. It get hot driving. Says oil found in radiator. Was told probably intake manifold gasket bad? All the old vehicles had only the air/fuel mixture running through the manifold. Does the oil=antifreeze run through them now? I say more like a cracked head or head gasket. I have not kept up on the tech. of modern and aluminum engines. Thanks, I just wanted to know for myself. :confused:
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    First major problem is it's a ford. Sorry, I couldn't resist.

    I'm not a certified mechanic, but rather a shade tree mechanic. I have never heard of oil running through an intake manifold. My guess would be the head gasket as well. Of course, this is just my guess. Without being there to look at it myself, it's all I can do. If there was a breach in the head gasket, he would also be low on water most of the time, probably needing to top it off every morning. Just my 2 cents.

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    Yup, that's a blown head gasket. I'm no mechanic, by all means but I have dealt with this on 2 seperate occasions. My wifes first car was a Chevy Sprint, 3 cyl./1.0 litre and she blew the head gasket and my brother did the same with a 97' or so Cavalier. When the head gasket goes it causes water to leak through the gasket and into the oil.
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    I used to be an auto tech... it's most likely a head gasket... Also check the for coolant in the oil; pull the dipstick; if it looks like chocolate milk then coolant is in there.
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    i'm a current ASE mechanic, it sounds like a head gasket, and as stated if the oil looks like chocolate milk then you know for sure
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    If theres something in the radiator other than water/antifreeze but not water in the oil there could be another problem .

    Did the person just get the truck ?Or perhaps he is looking at it for someone else ?

    Years ago I saw a similar problem and what it turned out to be was a bad water pump and the stuff floating in the radiator was all of the "Stop Leak" crap the owner had poured in thinking it was going to fix a bad water pump .
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    I have to agree with the rest of the guys as this happened to my Dodge Ram-- it's a head gasket.
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    Did the person just get the truck ?

    He bought it used last year so no warrentee. I am told it is a double over head cam? So it may be different. He is a member of the church with a dissability. First thought was thermostat but he said it is at the rear of the engine and hard to get too. Not sure of water in the oil.
    I had a Sable that the temp gage started swinging and it was head gasket and bad outer head. Just got a recall letter from Mercury after buying it used from a Pontiac dealer. Fixed it free. Very nice! I was also told there is a way to inspect for cracks with out taking of the head, thru spark plug hole. Ok I admit it, I also had a Yugo. Laugh is allowed. :D The thermostat went bad and it was a chore to replace. Water pump finnaly froze up. You could get it loose but you had to drop the engine under neath the car to get clearance to pull it free. I junked it. No we never drove it over the Mac Bridge to the U.P.. I paid $500 and put over 45K miles on it so not bad. :rolleyes:
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    My .02, please ignore if you choose, just trying to help, no ridicule intended or requested:
    as others said, could be head gasket, check oil for contamination.
    As 001 said, could be just coolant contamination.
    Could have more than one problem.
    How do you know it is getting hot???
    Does it still run okay???
    Is the gauge reading hot, or is it getting hot???
    Could be just a gauge/light/sender/wire.
    Turn the heater on, does it blow hot???
    If not, thermostat may be stuck, or coolant low.
    Is there excessive smoke out the exhaust???
    That can show signs of blown gasket.
    Is it just "steaming over" in the engine compartment?--could be a leak.
    You can check temp with a thermometer, pressure check for leaks.

    Rule out the simple stuff.
    BUT--as other's said, if oil in coolant and coolant in oil, maybe accompanied by excessive smoke from exhaust--chances are its the head gasket, cracked head, cracked block, etc. I don't know if there is oil passages in that intake, there may be coolant passages.

    Good luck
  10. freefall

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    Does the oil look milky? Sounds to this ignoramus like a blown head gasket, but if the head gasket blows in this day and age (post 1969) you probably have a warped head too. :(