For your purposes, how large of an ammo supply is enough?

Discussion in 'Ammunition & Reloading' started by JW357, Jul 24, 2013.

  1. 0-1000

  2. 1000-2000

  3. 2000-3000

  4. 3000-4000

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  5. 4000-5000

  6. 5000-6000

  7. 7000-8000

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  8. 9000-10,000

  9. 10,000-15,000

  10. 15,000 +

  1. JW357

    JW357 New Member

    New poll time!

    For your purposes, whether they be plinking, hunting, prepping, etc, how much ammo per caliber is ideal? I'm not asking how much you HAVE, but how much you think is sufficient for your use.

    Or, if you're a reloader and you don't stock up on factory ammo, think of it in terms of how much components do you keep on hand to make X number of rounds?

    Me, I am way short of my goals. I want to have enough reloading supplies on hand for three years worth of regular shooting. I don't shoot as much as I'd like, but if I could... I would shoot twice a month, at least 200 rounds each time. So over the course of three years that comes out to 14,400, if my math is correct. Add in a couple hundred factory self defense rounds, and let's call it an even 15,000. But I guess my question is per caliber. So for myself I guess I'd say 1k-2k? :confused:

    Realistically, I am nowhere near that amount.
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  2. bluez

    bluez Well-Known Member

    10,000 rifle and handgun hunting and combat capable rds is enough IMO
    (so not including any 22LR ), am at 8000 right now.

    My self-training dimishes that supply at times though.
    Am waiting until prices drop later in the year to replenish/enlarge.

  3. JW357

    JW357 New Member

    Is that 10,000 per caliber or just in general?
  4. bigjim

    bigjim New Member

    I voted for 2,000 to 3,000 per caliber. It will be different depending on the caliber and how often you shoot each gun. I have a total of about 20,000 rounds of ammo (not counting 22 LR or 22 Mag), but I shoot 13 different calibers, some like 223/5.56 I will have 2,000 rounds of and some like 35 Remington I will have only 500 or so. If you asses your needs for at least 1 year and then store up to 3 years worth of ammo for each caliber, you should do well during shortages.

    I reload my own ammo so I will load up 100 and shot maybe 50. After time you build up quite a lot of excess ammo and the problem then becomes "where do you store it all".

    I am not as concern on how much ammo I have on hand as I am as to how many components I have on hand since I can reload whatever I need at any time. As an example, I have 14,000 primers of all sizes, while that seems like a lot, depending on what you are shooting (Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun), it can go fast for one particular type like Small Rifle primers (I shoot a lot of 223). So monitoring your supplies and refilling them as you use them up is more important to me.

    With the panic buying that has happened having a one year supply is almost a must.

    Good luck and stay safe.
  5. 1turkeyhunter

    1turkeyhunter New Member

    I feel for my situation that 10,000 rds of each caliber would be fine. I am at the range every weekend (sometimes twice a weekend), and on average shoot 100 rds per. Multiply the 100 x 52 weeks a year and double it, 10,400, so thats close enough. Not that I have that much, but hey, its a goal!!
  6. trip286

    trip286 New Member

    I've discovered ammo is like money. No such thing as "enough". The more you have, the more you use, until you fall into that lifestyle that suits you. Think of Bill Gates, versus lotto winners. Bill Gates doesn't spend much in relation to what he makes, but lotto winners can blow through a couple hundred million in a year or two.

    Right now, I'm the equivalent of the lotto winner. There's do much shooting I WANT to do but haven't been able to, I'm pretty sure I could blow through way more in one year, than some of you do in ten right now.

    I would have to have a large and steady supply for a while before I could settle into a routine of "enough to satisfy my needs".
  7. deadsp0t

    deadsp0t New Member

    I think for my uses roughly 1K per @ 5 calibers currently = 5K total.
    I personally refuse to contribute to the panic and hoarding currently taking place so I'm well short of my goals to the tune of 100-200 per..
  8. bluez

    bluez Well-Known Member

    Total between 5.56 and 357 Magnum.
    Most of it 5.56.

    More is always better of course but tats the point i decided is reasonable for me.
    Keep in mind that even the famous feuds of the old times in our country likely took less than 1000 rds over the generations
  9. duddie10

    duddie10 New Member

    Wow i only wish to have the space for 10000 rds. Most of my riflea are bolt or lever. I got 2100 rds of 30-30 i keep making rounds i cant stop!!!!
  10. partdeux

    partdeux Well-Known Member

    A year ago, there was not an amount that was too much. Today, it's a bit less.
  11. JonM

    JonM Moderator

    approximately 2.5 billion rounds. 1 round per second 24/7 for 80 years.

    divide amongst your calibers. once you hit that you got enough.
  12. eatmydust

    eatmydust New Member

    There's no such thing as too much fun!
  13. Rick1967

    Rick1967 Well-Known Member

    I have 300 - 400 of each of my less shot calibers. I have over 1000 of each type of primer that I use. The ammo that I shoot a lot 45acp, 9mm, 38/357 I have 750-1100 rounds each. I try not to let them get much below that. But I always have stuff to make more. I keep about 2000 rounds of 22lr at any given time. But I may be down to a little more than 1500 now simply because I can't find any. I have run out of 22 mag once. We couldn't find any for several months. That is what my wife shoots. We finally found 3 boxes. She is rationing it now.
  14. CourtJester

    CourtJester Well-Known Member

    You can never have too much of any one cartridge.

  15. bluez

    bluez Well-Known Member

    Looked back at the OP's post and apologize I misunderstood.
    His question was per caliber..
    Even though I suggest that the total number may be a much better indicator of resiliency than by caliber:)
  16. DrumJunkie

    DrumJunkie New Member

    There is no such ting as too much ammo. That is all I can say on the matter. :cool:
  17. fupuk

    fupuk New Member

    Just today I bought 2000 rounds of ammo because I cant find powder to reload my own. 1000 .22lr and 1000 5.56. Last week I picked up 600 rounds of .44mag, Im not buying this just to buy it. I wait and look for good prices and pick it up then. I wont pay $1 a round for 5.56, and wont spend $45 for 100 rounds of 9mm. My local gun store had some remanufactored ammo on sale last week for $11 for a box of 50. I bought 500 rounds because thats a great deal these days. I try to keep minimum of 2000 rounds per caliber for range fun. I have some ammo stored away that I dont even count in my inventory, thats my rainy day ammo.
  18. texaswoodworker

    texaswoodworker New Member

    I went with 2000-3000 per caliber because I think that would be able to get you through most situations (ammo shortages, SHTF, EOTWAWKI, all out war, ect). Though, If I can afford it, I'd probably keep buying past that point.
  19. armsmaster270

    armsmaster270 New Member

    I currently have about 25,000 rounds but I have 22, 223, 7mmWSM, 7.62X39 7.62X51, 30-06, 6.5 Jap,303 Brit, 30-30 rifles and
    22, 9mm, 357Sig, 38, 357mag, 40,44spl, 44mag, and 45auto handguns
    12ga, 20ga, and 410 shotguns
  20. DrFootball

    DrFootball disappointed & disgusted, But DETERMINED... Lifetime Supporter

    Not nearly as much as I'd like, but better then none at all

    .9mm-1100 Rds. of 115Gr FMJ, 350 Rds. 124 FMJ, about 580 asst. SD-Hollow Point, incl. 80 more just scored Monday
    .38/.357 about 1200 Rds. total,..700 .38 FMJ(130-132 Gr. & 158 Gr.) 125 148 Gr. SWC's,, the rest asst. .38 +P and .357.
    For both those calibers the Dominant SD rounds are either Hornady Critical Defense or Remington Golden Saber, and I have some Extra Speer Gold Dot, Federal Hydra Shok, and the GDR 50 Gr. Frangible JHP's Mixed in....

    Since I Don't shoot .45 on a regular basis anymore it's still the same 1700 Rds.(500 reloads my Cousin made me, 850 Factory 230Gr. FMJ, and 350 Asst..45 SD-JHP rounds....

    .32ACP- 350 asst. FMJ(71Gr. or 73 Gr.) Winchester & S&B, plus 150 JHP's...

    12 Ga. about 120 Asst. slug, and 280 Asst. Buck & Bird shot....

    20Ga. 250 asst. Buck & Bird Shot,..but only about 65 Slug rounds...(anyone have a lead on some?)

    About to buy as much .410 as possible since were buying two soon...

    .223/5.56-about 1600 Rds. now..

    .30-06 about half that.

    .308/7.62- about 3100 asst. rounds now....

    .22Mag. very low! less then 200 Rds...

    and .22LR(*sigh*) 1580 In reserve broken down as: 3 Bulk packs- 2 Winchester 333 Hp's & one Federal 525 Rn
    2-100 Rd CCI Mini Mags(1 Ea. of RN & HP) all in Reserve plus 100 Angulia Subsonic's...

    Shootable .22's 1 100 Pack of Winchester Hp's, 1-100 Pack of CCI Std. Vl., 200 Western X Hp's...about 50 CCI Mini Mag Rn's...gotta get some more before we have the "FTF-Arizona Meet-up & Shoot Off"!