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for trade or sale! m&p 40

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Had less then 100rds I want to trade for a upper or a Glock gen 4

I like the Glock in FDE
And wouldn't mind a Glock 19

Please only gun related trades

Make me an offer
Trade or cash

Ffl transfer
White Air gun Trigger Mammal Grey

White Air gun Trigger Mammal Grey


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What did you not like about your m&p?
not exactly... This all started a few months ago when I went on a gun buying craze for no reason.... I replaced my Taurus pt 92 for the full size m&p shown.. It was a happy purchase, then I went on to more research and wanted to try Glock so I ordered a 23..and a m&p 40c .. So I could compare both to its big brother m&p.... Well I came to the realization that I that a don't need the larger m&p , last week after buying a Glock 30 lol ... I hate to say it but I like my Glocks better ... So I am letting it go really after about 60rds... I'm replacing that for a ar pistol build I am starting after the Christmas season

Fact of the matter its a good gun just not for me

I will be happy with my other m&p 40c for the time being and my Glocks
What did you not like about your m&p?
Ha just realized I answered your question wrong...

I feel that my Glock 23 is more accurate

The size fits me better for conceal carry

I have a gen 4 the m&p stippling has nothing on the gen 4 grip

The reset is horrible on the trigger
Idk what they were thinking

I feel it out performs it

Wood Auto part Bumper Metal Automotive exterior

Comfort Wood Floor Flooring Chair

Watch Wood Revolver Bumper Personal protective equipment

Glove Helmet Wood Safety glove Hat

Stacked up
M&p full size on bottom
Middle G23
To m&p40c


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Can't post there since im new around here
So you figure it's OK to post it for sale here :confused:
So you figure it's OK to post it for sale here :confused:
Who better to sell to then ppl that already like their m&p
The idea of the main forums and thread in said forums are to engage in an open discussion where as if every thread was someone selling something then it would be no different than say Craigslist. Plus most people want to get a sense that they are dealing with a stand up person before buying something which is why the mods set a minimum post before being able to post to the classifieds.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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