for MA people, or people who know MA laws..

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    Hey everyone, I'm looking at picking up a Stag Arms AR15 from a guy, but the gun came from Florida. When the guy moved to MA he never got his class A permit, so technically he shouldn't have the gun.. He's looking to get rid of it rather than go and get his permit.

    So here's my question..Is there anyway a legal transaction can be made in this situation? I'm not looking to have an unregistered, illegal gun, so if nothing can be done then I'm going to have to pass on the gun unfortunately. He said to be MA compliant the collapsible stock needs to be pinned. But I'm not sure if the gun can be sold by a guy that doesn't have a permit, and if the gun can be registered in MA being from out of state. Any help on this would be great!
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    1. Welcome to the forum. Normally the new members stop by the introductions thread so the members can get to know them.

    2. Did you google MA gun laws?

    3. Asking for legal advice on an interwebz forum is not the way to go.

    4. Call your State Police or local Sheriff, and you will get a better answer.

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    Contact GOAL. Contacting your police dept. makes you an accessory, I would not do it. Northeast shooters also has allot of info.