For Home Defense - Who uses a flashlight ?

Discussion in 'General Shotgun Discussion' started by Scare_Rab, Oct 5, 2008.

  1. Scare_Rab

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    On "", I read ..."A high-intensity flashlight is a mission critical tool for home defense..."

    Hmmm. I've shot Bunnies and Kangaroos at night , using a *very* bright light to paint 'em up for me. Couldn't see how I would shoot 'em * in a dark night* ---without such a bright light .

    But they never shoot back: I have no experience of shooting people. My concern is simply this scenario....

    " ...x very bad man/men inside my home...Wife and kids are at risk."

    1. I aim a bright light their way. They then would know exactly my location. They could then shoot at that light, potentially ending my defensive capabilities.


    2. Keep my light OFF. Aim a Remington 870 their way.

    My question...Who recommends the "weopon PLUS light" option?

    I understand that if the invader is not armed, identifying them as 1. friend or foe ...... and 2. the nature of their unarmed threat is obviously a great idea.

    Point is.... how do I know they do not have a firearm before pointing a personal locator beacon (light) their way?
  2. BillM

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    I've got a 130? lumen 3 cell Surefire in the headboard of the bed. It IS a weapon.
    Batteries only last maybe 20 minutes, but it is absolutely blinding, and will incapacitate
    a person on the receiving end at night. There is a 45 auto loaded up with 200gr
    hollowpoints right next to the flashlight---for those whe don't "see the light".

  3. cbw

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    I have a Pelican Firefighter/Diving Flashlight that will burn out a persons corneas, but I also have night sights on my EMP 40 which I really like. No desire to shoot anyone but in the middle of the night there are no friendlies.
    House rule- Dad yells down- all on floor, staying in their rooms or exiting a window to meet at a predetermined location, I go out to take care of business, there is only one story, Mom is my back up if she hears the secret word, out with the HP 9MM with silver tip hollows. No real plan to use the flashlight. I have stopped a few parties with it. I also have a small LED 3" to take along in case I need to ID myself prior to Mom coming out to clean up. That is if they get by the 5 dogs. There are no friendlies coming that I'm not aware of .... Have a nice day :)
  4. BigO01

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    First off just like a weapon you must deploy the light with some form of tactics and plan as to how best to use it , not just wander around your house panning everywhere with the light on like you're looking for your stash of candles during a power outage .

    Inside most homes especially those in the city/suburbia even in the middle of the night there is a enough light to walk around in and not run into the furniture .

    With that much light if you decide to check out a sound in a dark home a intruder could easily see your silhouette and fire on you if random murder are their intention .

    As far as an intruder firing at your light consider doing what I do when checking out a noise .

    First I use a 80 Lumen light that is fully charged and up to its maximum capability . Second I use it with the intention of ruining an intruders night vision and ability to accurately place fire on me by first being as far as 15 feet away from a doorway when I shine the light into a room and aim it at a wall at an angle to then bouncy around the room off of the ceiling and walls .

    I use it in short burst as I advance on the doorway to keep a person from getting use to the light yet never regain their night vision while I avert my eyes from the light at each burst keeping my night vision completely intact .

    I then have am able to peek around a corner into a room and see a persons silhouette if someone is in there .

    These kinds of things are a plain waste of time if you're running around with a old style $2 Ever Ready light that doesn't put out enough light to be useful .
  5. Quasi

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    What's a good brand/model for a tactical light?
  6. Dillinger

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    You know, I don't know if they are any good, as I have just read about them, but 5.11 Tactical is putting out This Light for Life Model. Apparently the thing is capable of putting out 270 Lumens and will recharge in 90 seconds. I am actually most interested in this pre-order model to see how well it works.

    Personally, we carry lights by Inova from the T-Series and they are well made, Aircraft aluminum housing, LED lights, very bright and very good on battery life.

    SureFire still makes some great lights, but damn those things are expensive.

    MagLife makes a very good light, that can double as a club or baseball bat. Personally I find them just too damn bulky...

    For what it's worth...

  7. BigO01

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    Quasi while I was willling to spend the money on the light I was unwilling to have to pay for the overpriced CR123 batteries many of them used a few years back .

    With a max burn time of only 20-30 minutes and then spending another $5-6 on two batteries seemed insane to me .

    I bought and love the Dorcy flashlights instead and will never consider a $100+++ SureFire light .

    The Dorcys I have now owned for 3 years use 3 AAA bateries and I went with rechargables and a charger and after abuse after abuse they still work perfectly despite many scratches to the body from very rough use from me .

    They have models with the standard location push button by the lights head as well as tailcap switches for around $40 and can be had as bright as 130 Lumens .

    With a little practice you can use one with a button by the head and a slightly modified two handed hold while shooting a 1911 .

    Here is where to get them

    And here's a pic of my nightstand buddy's
  8. jeepcreep927

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    Big O01 covered the use pretty well I think. You don't want to keep a light on while you're be-bopping around the house, but if you do have to shoot, no sense shutting it off once that starts... Unless you subscribe to some "standard" number of rounds fired per engagement, per target. I think that topic was covered pretty in depth in another post.

    Light stays on after identification of threat and gun goes off until threat is no longer a threat (if it's justified of course).
  9. cmarjeep

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    Sit in the dark for a while and get your night vision. Then have someone shine a bright flashlight at your face. You won't just see a little circle of light, you will be blinded by light- it will be very hard to see exactly where that person is.