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Discussion in 'The Club House' started by dragunovsks, Nov 8, 2011.

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    Anyone ever give fop donations? Dad told me the other day that the fop uses a telemarketing company to call you and collect donations for the families of leos killed or injured in the line of duty. Problem is this company charges 60% of YOUR donation for thier service. That means only 40% (probably less now) of your donation goes to the leos families, the ones who really need it.

    Anyone else think this is ridiculous?
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    If the local FOP get 40% that is a good cut. Most of the telemarketer fund raisers only give 20%. I served in a lot of positions in the JayCees in my pre-40 days. We used them (telemarketers) a lot to help us host Christmas parties for the poor families and give them full food baskets and the kids a lot of gifts. I tell everyone that if you want to give, then give direct to the organization. $5 direct to the FOP is more than they will get if you give $20 on the phone.

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