Football UT vs A&M

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    I don't know how many actually watched outside of the great State of Texas, but I got to attend the game last night and OH MY GOD! Kyle Field is freaking LOUD! I could not hear my own voice inside my head. I have been to games in Michigan Stadium (The Big House), Ohio Stadium (The Horseshoe), The Rose Bowl (yeah, for that game, twice), and the Alamo Bowl (snore). No stadium even comes close to the noise level of Kyle Field.

    Got to see a GREAT game between two of the USA's biggest rivals. 5th row seatsat the 20 yard line. The absolute best part was it was free! My step son is being recruited by A&M. Personally I cannot think of a better atmosphere for a young man. Great traditions. Great academics. Great passion for each other. AND the jokes about Aggie coeds being fat and ugly? Either they were lies or they have upgraded in the last few years!

    We did nt get home until 0130 hrs this morning, but it was VERY worth it!
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    That sounds like a blast, literally!

    Sounds like you had a good time on thanksgiving, awesome!

    I'm looking forward to the Arkansas / LSU game today. If the same hogs that played Florida show up today then LSU is in trouble. Most likely they won't.

    I'm also glad to see the Denver Broncos back on track after their month off. :)